11 Business Owners To Watch in 2021


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11 Business Owners To Watch

New York City, New York, Nov. 07, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — With the crazy year of 2020 coming to a close, many business owners have faced tougher times than ever with the pandemic forcing many into financial strain in an attempt  to keep things afloat. Like all things in life however, there are always two sides of the spectrum. Some business owners have seen more success than ever with the majority of consumers shifting towards the digital world for all their product and services needs. According to The Official Maleeka Group, “with crisis comes opportunity” – and that’s exactly what these business owners have done. 2021 is set to be another interesting year, with the current election somewhat determining the financial fate of many in our  country, but not these entrepreneurial minded individuals. Each with their own unique areas of expertise, here we present the 11 business owners to watch in 2021. 

  1. Krystal Duhaney – Founder of Milky Mama & Registered Nurse

As a registered nurse and mother of two who struggled with breastfeeding in the past, Krystal Duhaney knew she could use her expertise to find a solution. She created Milky Mama, a company dedicated to lactation support and consulting for new mothers. Milky Mama offers a delicious range of lactation cookies, brownies, lemonades, smoothies and supplements to meet the nutrition demands of breastfeeding mothers and infants. With a Facebook fan page of over nearly 400k, Krsytal has been able to build a massive community around her work. Milky Mama has taken the world by storm, and it has been a massive year for Krystal and her team, being on track to hit $10 million.  With expansions to course offerings, lactation services, and even offering more scholarships for black lactation consultants and birth workers, 2021 is set to be an even bigger year. Milky Mama is taking the world by storm, and expect to see it in your local store soon. 

  1. Elizabeth Davis – Founder of Shedavi Hair

Formerly an engineering major making her  mark in the building industry, it took Elizabeth Davis less than 12 months to build and scale Shedavi Hair to 7-figures. Shedavi provides natural, botanically-based holistic hair, skin and nail products to men and women from all across the globe – regardless of their hair type. As a multi-million dollar company, Shedavi is  well established and has  some big plans for 2021. In alignment with their mission of providing life and longevity to hair, skin and nails, they are launching new products and tools developed to give the appearance of fuller, longer locks and nails, while maintaining health. Their focus will also be towards enhancing customer education as a means of optimizing the experience with Shedavi. If you’re looking for all things hair, skin and nails, look no further than Shedavi.     


  1. Rozalynn & Gabby Goodwin – Creators of Gabby Bows & Confidence Haircare

Mother and daughter kidpreneur duo, Rozalynn and Gabby Goodwin are the CEOs of Confidence by Gabby, a haircare brand recognized in retail stores nationwide. Under Confidence by Gabby, the phenomenal duo developed and patented the first Double-Face Double-Snap Barrette to save families time, money, and frustration. Solving the age-old problem of disappearing hair barrettes, Gabby Bows are engineered to prevent hair slippage. Since the development of Gabby Bows, Gabby has been traveling nationwide sharing her kidpreneur genius with children and adults alike, through their Mommy and Me Academy. It’s rare to see a highschooler running a business, but in only the 9th grade, Gabby already has a 6-figure business – pretty impressive right? To date, they have assisted countless families build successful businesses and develop generational wealth. 2021 will see a shift towards a number of new plant-based products, including a girls natural hair care line and also a new hair accessory invention – set to revolutionise the wash day and styling process. They are also looking to mentor a number of girl bosses in their Mommy and Me Entrepreneurship Academy to continue inspiring girls all over the world, one solution at a time. To learn more about the duo and their work, visit www.gabbybows.com today. Also, join their Facebook Community at www.facebook.com/therealgabbybows . 

  1. Nicole Brown – Founder of Izzy & Liv

Nicole Brown is the founder and CEO of Izzy & Liv, a thriving lifestyle brand that celebrates the culture, confidence, and soul of the Black Woman. Her dedication to putting black women in the spotlight in everyday items from graphic tees to shower curtains, has filled a tremendous void in the market and turned Izzy & Liv into a million-dollar brand, including their infamous Brown Sugar Box. Named after her daughters, Isabel and Olivia, the driving force behind Izzy & Liv is Nicole’s desire to show her children how beautiful and unique they are. Her years of experience as an online marketing manager, helped her realize how much of that representation was missing for black women and girls in digital and e-commerce spaces. Determined to create what she was looking for, Nicole used her marketing expertise to launch and scale her brand in record timing. With a devoted community and growing team behind her, Nicole remains intensely focused on her goal of normalizing the essence of black womanhood and moving it from the margin to the mainstream. Nicole and her team will continue to broaden and expand their product line and offerings in 2021, with three new spin offs of their Brown Sugar Box line. They are also excited for the world to return to normal so they can get back to fostering their community with meetups and events. 

  1. Sabrina Tucker-Barrett – Co-Founder of Girls for Technology

Sabrina M. Tucker-Barrett, a native of New London, CT, is the Co-Founder and President/CEO of Girls For Technology, Inc. Sabrina is an agent for change with over 10 years of experience working in the private and public sector including corporate America in the health insurance industry. As a result of her own personal experiences of being a woman of color working in corporate America, and her desire to advocate for change in her community for marginalized girls and young women, she is committed to fulfilling her passion and life mission- to raise awareness and level the playing field by using STEM as a medium. 

Girls For Technology is not only growing, it’s thriving. Now, Sabrina is in the process of incorporating a for-profit entity, which will assist the non-profit and enable them to create a hub in which black and brown startups can further develop their businesses. They are also starting to raise capital, planning on building a platform to be the “Amazon” of job boards and communities for diverse candidates and corporations, with the BETA platform set to go live in Q1, 2021. 

  1. Anthony Barrett – Co-Founder of Girls for Technology and Boys Code

Mr. Anthony Barrett is the co-founder of Girls For Technology, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to equipping the next generation of historically disadvantaged populations to make a difference in the STEM arena, and the founder of the BoysCode initiative under the same brand. He is responsible for creating The Best Buy Teen Tech Center, which serves as a hub to facilitate and connect adolescents with the resources they need to thrive as growing professionals in technology-focused verticals. This collaboration and corporate partnership with Best Buy is the first of its kind in the state of Connecticut. Mr. Barrett’s commitment to his community is unquestionable as he works daily to help equip this world’s next generation of professional leaders, as he was awarded as the 40 Under Forty award by the Hartford Business Journal in 2013. 

Anthony is in the process of creating a tech ecosystem in Hartford that drives black ownership, and draws in black and Latin talent to the area. In 2021, Anthony will continue  to fulfil his mission of bridging the wealth gap, and continue to build the transformative job board with his co-founding partner.

  1. Emme Rain – Publisher, Mentor and Teacher

Emme Rain is an international bestselling author, keynote speaker, mentor, and alchemist with a diverse background in leadership, speaking, training, personal development, healing, publishing, and entrepreneurship. Her results and empowering authenticity have made her a highly sought after expert and leader. Emme’s inspiring, creative approach to business, life, and spirituality has given her opportunities to host television shows on major cable and television networks. FOX KTVE has called her, “one of Louisiana’s foremost experts on mindfulness.” She has also been featured on radio stations and podcasts. Emme’s brand Magickal Mystic has grown its customer base, which has correlated with the growth in their offerings. 2021 is set to be a big year for Emme, as she will be expanding her all natural fragrance line, body butters and bath salts. Divinity academy also has a whopping 40 classes planned between now and November 2021. They will also be hosting their second annual LegacyBuilders retreat to assist aspiring entrepreneurs with the nuts and bolts of entrepreneurship. 

  1. Tonya Robertson – Learning and Development Strategist 

Tonya Robertson is a learning and strategy specialist and is the Founder and CEO of Focused Training Solutions, a company that is committed to curating instructional learning tools designed to optimize performance in the workplace. Robertson has worked with numerous C-Suite Executives of well-known companies to create training materials that will guide their team to success and establish good retention among their employees. Alongside working tirelessly to help others be productive in the workplace, Tonya also devotes her time to organizations such as the Association of Talent Development and Dell’s Women Entrepreneur Network. She has also received a Doctorate Degree in Education and E-learning. Having developed a multi-million dollar training program for the government, 2021 will see Tonya supporting 100 African American businesses in curating award-winning, immersive, virtual reality learning experiences. She will also be working towards increased advocacy to bridge awareness for cohesive workplace learning communities. 


  1. Tae Lee – Financial Wellness Expert

Tae Lee of Never Go Broke has a portfolio of branded educational products coming to you in 2021. Her intent is to push these products to market under the umbrella and brand of Never Go Broke, where she is already recognized as a leader in the space of financial literacy. Tae hopes to provide valuable knowledge to her clientele in regards to changes in the world as it relates to finance, reducing and avoiding debt, and building wealth. The Never Go Broke resources include a K-12 curriculum, tailored for each grade level. They also provide adult educational material and fun ways to learn via live webinars and podcasts. Their real life action plans allow them to see their clients build wealth instead of increased debt. A few of the events and resources to expect from Tae Lee and her team in the near future are Ebooks, Financial Education Planners, Financial Card Game, Network to Networth learning seminars and Kid Learning seminars. For all things financial literacy in 2021, look no further than Tae Lee and Never Go Broke. 


  1.  Althea Lawton-Thompson – Global Holistic Wellness Consultant

Althea Lawton-Thompson is a global Holistic Wellness Consultant and the president of Aerobics, Yoga & More, an Atlanta based corporate wellness company. Althea also co-founded the online stock photo company DiversityPhotos.com, and is a founding partner of the business consulting firm, Consultuoso. She is the author of bestselling fiction novel, Losing Control, and entrepreneur how-to book, Twenty. As a 24-year certified fitness expert, yoga & meditation instructor, Althea has created programs for fortune 50 companies, hospitals and universities. Having led over 17 Living Life Limitlessly wellness retreats all across the globe, Althea’s expertise has been recognised by some of the biggest publications on the planet. 

Having been featured in over 50 news and media publications, Althea Lawton-Thompson is truly dominating the Holistic wellness space. 2021 will see more global retreats and even a meditation certification program for people of colour, in multiple languages. 

  1.  Nikki Klugh – Celebrity Luxury Interior Designer

Nikki Njeri Klugh is a highly sought after interior designer who is beloved by her hundreds of clients nationwide.  As the principal designer and owner of Nikki Klugh Design Group, Nikki is also an award-winning interior designer and  three time best selling author. As an NCIDQ qualified interior designer, Nikki is a professional member of American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) and the International Interior Design Association (IIDA). Nikki is a force to be reckoned with as an interior designer – her extreme attention to detail, her ability to go deeper than surface level with her clients, and her always upbeat personality are only a few of the reasons why she is consistently recommended by her client’s to their networks.  

Nikki’s commitment to interior design extends to serving others, as she is a highly regarded mentor to many emerging designers, proving that she is not only passionate about interior design, she is dedicated to the field. 2021 will see Nikki continue to serve her online community filled with leaders, entrepreneurs and employees working from home. Their community is a massive support system to help others reach their individual and collective goals through evidence based design and uniquely personalised “Money Spaces”. For all things interior design, keep your eyes on Nikki Klugh.

Make sure to follow each of these incredible business owners and watch them continue to thrive in 2021. Each of their Instagram’s have been directly linked here. Finally, we would like to thank The Official Maleeka Group for taking the time to put this article together.

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