Courtney’s Castle completes certification process


TEXARKANA, Ark. — Courtney’s Castle, set up in the W.T. Daniels building, has opened its doors for business.

The center is owned by Pastor Nick Sandefur, pastor of New Bethel
Church, along with his wife, Mary, who is the director Courtney’s

Debra Lemay, assistant director as well as director of John’s Day
School, the other childcare center operated by the Sandefurs, went into details about the the daycare center and what it

“We are not just a babysitting service,” she said. “We take care of a range of children, from
infants to 12 years of age. We have an educational curriculum for school-age children in our care. In addition, we have an after-school program
and help out
children with their homework for those in school. We also provide an evening snack to hold them over until they go
home in the evening, for those who are there in the later part of the

The center opens at 6:30 a.m. and operates until 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. The focus by the caregivers is
on both good quality child care as well as the educational curriculum in a loving environment. They also offer transportation services for parents who need help in that

“We also want to give parents peace of mind, knowing their children are well-cared for while they are with us,” said

“I love kids,” she said. “I’m one of those people who have done this so long and taken care of so many kids, I know them well. I even know what they are trying to communicate by how they are crying, if they are hungry, need a diaper changed or
just need some loving attention. This kind of work is a blessing. The Lord said, ‘Suffer the little children to come unto me.’ This work is a

The owners concur.

“This work is part of our ministry,” said Mary Sandefur. “My husband and I have two
kids of our own. We coudn’t have any more, so
this was a way to continue that work of the Lord, help kids, parents and provide quality child

Pastor Nick Sandefur also helps out with
aspects of operating Courtney’s Castle, including feeding, the after-school program and

“Part of my ministry is teaching young
children, helping them to grow,” he said. “I love my job, I love

“They don’t call him pastor or Mr. Nick,” said Mary Sandefur. “They call him ‘papa,’ as do the


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