Google Helps Create Pipeline for IT Jobs With Collin College


Unemployment in Texas is down, but demand is up for skilled workers in the tech industry, including at Google. To close the gap, Google has partnered with Collin College to create a technology pipeline.

The program is set to give students the training and experience they need to land a job in IT support. IT courses will be offered in four areas: computer hardware concepts, networking, operating systems and security.

In addition, Goggle’s IT certification program will align curriculum with each course.

“There are 150,000 unfilled technology jobs around the country,” said Director of Emerging Technology Grants Ann Beheler at Collin College. “The opportunities for these students will be in abundance. It’s a discipline area where students can spend a short period of time and obtain a very nice wage. It’s really not obtaining just a wage, it’s obtaining a start to a career.”

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The pilot program will start during the fall. At the end of the program, students will have a chance to send their resumes to, and network with, 20 companies (including Google). All companies are in need of IT support employees.


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