Indian Business Schools Have Found the Perfect Solution, Thanks to Blo…


This might be bad news for university students but it is a big step in the world of technology and education.

India’s top ten business school, SP Jain School of Management has integrated blockchain in the most useful way. Who knew, a BUSINESS school would be the one to use blockchain technology in the most efficient way.

They have started issuing blockchain-based certificates to graduates who recently obtained degrees and professional certifications. The certificates are live on the Ethereum blockchain and will allow employers and other parties to verify the authenticity of the job seeker without having them personally call them in or contact the business school.

This makes a lot of things easier for the education department and the fresh graduates trying to seek jobs in the world.

The best part is that there is no need for additional software or any kind of specialized equipment which means it can easily be implemented in university and on school level as well.

All you’re supposed to do is scan the QR code and all the information will appear. Yeah. It is as easy as that!

The other information that will be stored pertaining to a graduate will include the student’s portfolio, projects, and even attendance…

“There have been various attempts globally to issue certificates on the blockchain. But so far no one has captured the complete lifecycle of the certification,” said the President of SP Jain School of Global Management, Nitish Jain.

I hope I graduate before this technology comes to my university. I really don’t want to wake up for my 8 a.m. class.

By distributing 1,189 blockchain-based educational certificates, the SP Jain School of Management joins the growing number of countries making use of the blockchain ledger to eradicate fraud related to educational credentials such as degrees and diplomas.

It’s not only India because last month the Malaysian Ministry of Education revealed a blockchain-based issuance and verification system for university degrees. However, they turned to NEM blockchain with the same motive; to curb fraud related to fake certification.

Even North America has followed suit as the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) last month issued blockchain-based academic certificates to 24,000 candidates. The e-certificates were stored and shared on the free and open-source Blockcerts Wallet to speed up the verification process that usually takes weeks or months.

It’s not only unfair for the genuine students who worked so hard to graduate and trust me, college is A LOT of work. It’s more damaging when these same people are appointed in sectors like healthcare and judiciary especially.


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