Layton joins Dispatch as lifestyles editor

Nicole Layton has joined The Dispatch staff as its new lifestyles editor.

She replaces the late Jan Swoope, who led the section for 13 years. In her role, Layton will coordinate and produce content for Sunday’s lifestyles pages and Wednesday’s food pages. She will also design pages for the sports section.

Layton comes to Columbus from Edenton, North Carolina, where she was editor for the Chowan Herald. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English from North Carolina State University and an associate’s in culinary arts from Hocking College in Ohio. She is attending N.C. State virtually seeking a professional certification in social media marketing and management.

“I wanted to join The Dispatch because I wanted to give my children the opportunity to learn more about the country and other cultures,” said Layton, a mother of three. “I also felt that The Dispatch could give me an opportunity to expand my skill set as a journalist. I hope to add to The Dispatch’s tradition of quality journalism through its various print and digital platforms. I plan to adventure with my family — learn as much as we can about the area by exploring, volunteering and participating in the Golden Triangle’s many vibrant communities.”

Managing editor Zack Plair said Layton’s skills and work ethic are already paying dividends.

“We’re excited to have Nicole on board,” he said. “She’s very conscientious, a hard worker and I believe her passion to become involved in the communities she covers will translate into quality coverage on our lifestyles and food pages.”

Layton’s husband is Dispatch news editor Miles Layton.

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