Mega Man, Cyber Security Ambassador


The Blue Bomber Gets a New Job

Osaka prefecture’s police force has declared February 1st through March 18th as “Cyber Security Awareness Month” and they’ve selected Mega Man as the Cyber Security Ambassador.

While Mega Man.Exe would have been a great choice – the job is going to Classic Mega Man to double as some additional promo for Mega Man 11. You can check out our review of Mega Man 11 too! Mega Man will be receiving a letter of certification on February 1st at the Osaka Station Atrium Plaza. Fans in the area are encouraged to come out and watch the ceremony and pick up some exclusive cyber security themed gear.


I’ll be heading to Japan before the end of the event, and I’m now seriously considering a trip to Osaka in hopes to snag some of that gear. There’s nothing wrong with planning your vacation around your favourite franchises right?

Mega Man 11 is available now on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC.



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