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Triggered by News and Social Media? Try This.
Julie Potiker
Author, Mindfulness Expert
Mindful Methods for Life
Being tapped into the digital world can become downright overwhelming for many of us, but we don’t have to just brace ourselves and take it. Mindfulness is a simple and easily accessible tool that can help us feel better. Here are some ways to get started: 1) Try something new: Which info streams do you partake of most? A favorite cable news channel? Your most-used social media stream? Try switching the form and frequency of your consumption. Breaking the pattern that causes you stress by consciously choosing the “what, where, and when” of your news cycle can be empowering. 2) Take a break: Challenge yourself to take a technology break. Plan activities, interactions, outings, or quiet time that are completely free of smartphones, computers, and tablets. It really can do wonders for your well-being. 3) Make a difference: Don’t let bad news or online divisiveness make you feel powerless, because you’re not. You can choose to take specific actions that make a difference in the world for the people and causes you care about most. One of the best ways to do this is to volunteer for or donate to a cause you believe in. There are hard, painful truths in this world — and you can still serve as a force for good.”
Author and mindfulness expert Julie Potiker is an attorney who began her serious study and investigation of mindfulness after graduating from the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program at the University of California, San Diego. She was trained by Kristin Neff, Christopher Germer and UCSD as a Mindful Self-Compassion Teacher. She went on to study with Rick Hanson, becoming a graduate of his Positive Neuroplasticity Training Professional Course. Potiker also completed Brené Brown’s Living Brave Semester. Now, she shares these and other mindfulness techniques with the world through her Mindful Methods for Life trainings and her new book: “Life Falls Apart, but You Don’t Have To: Mindful Methods for Staying Calm In the Midst of Chaos.” She holds a B.G.S. from the University of Michigan and a J.D. from George Washington University. Visit
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3 Questions to Ask Yourself In Challenging Times
Dr. Anita Sanchez
Author, transformational leadership consultant
Dr. Anita Sanchez
“We no longer need to try to buy our way out of feeling separate and alone. A realization of unity can put an end to this. Be curious, ask yourself these questions: What problem do I see happening here right now? And how am I part of the problem? Who else can I join to help repair and resolve the problem?”
Anita Sanchez, Ph.D., Aztec and Mexican-American, is a transformational leadership consultant, speaker, coach and author of the international bestselling book, “The Four Sacred Gifts: Indigenous Wisdom for Modern Times,” available in paperback, hardcover, e-book, and audiobook from Simon & Schuster. She bridges indigenous teachings with the latest science to inspire and equip women and men to enjoy meaningful, empowered lives and careers. With four decades of experience coaching and training executives and their teams in dozens of Fortune 500 companies, governmental groups and non-governmental agencies, Anita is an established leader in global organizational change initiatives. She is a member of the Transformational Leadership Council with luminaries such as Jack Canfield, Marianne Williamson and John Gray, as well as the Association of Transformational Leaders, the Evolutionary Business Council, and serves on the Boards of the Bioneers organization and the Pachamama Alliance. Anita holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Development from the University of Colorado, Denver. She resides in the mountains outside of Boulder, CO with her husband and youngest son. For more information and to download the free song that is based on the book, visit For information on Anita’s diversity training, see consulting website
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Quarantined? Beat Cabin Fever.
Veronica Vargas
Shaboo Prints
“Don’t just grab your iPhone or binge-watch YouTube. Those activities are unfulfilling distractions, which is why we first can’t get enough of them, then get bored by them. Don’t distract; instead, connect. How? It requires less of the mind and more of the heart, so activities that encourage creativity and deep-rooted reflection will do the trick. 1) Journal your experience. 2) Listen to music. 3) Play and create.”
Veronica Vargas was a creative and whimsical child, but after decades of conformity she found herself struggling with dissatisfaction and a deep longing for fulfillment. In her forties, she returned to her childhood passions – drawing, writing, and playing – and established Shaboo Prints, a boutique lifestyle brand designing positive, feel-good products. Today, Veronica uses “imaginovation” to innovate feel-good products that expand the boundaries of possibility. She considers herself a social expressionist and entrepreneur on a mission to return millions of adults back to a wondrous world full of potential, play, and a knowing that expressing their real self is the whole point — i.e., finding their happy place!
An expert on play, imagination, and creativity, Veronica partnered with software company iGreet in 2019 to open windows into imaginative worlds and expand the experience of Shaboo’s physical products with augmented reality.
Veronica received her bachelor’s degree from California State UniversityFullerton and her master’s degree from Woodbury University. A breast cancer survivor, she loves reading, people-watching, being with family, traveling, connecting with friends, health, cooking and baking, creative writing, and doodling. Leading by example, Veronica is living a fulfilled life and sharing her mission-driven business in hopes of inspiring others to tap into their own happy place where they are free to live big and play hard. She resides in Pasadena, CA. Visit
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Social Distancing? It’s the Perfect Time to Dig Into Spring Cleaning.
Tina Nicole
Author, furniture designer, entrepreneur
Nathan Anthony Furniture
“Pick a space to start with. For me, it’s old shoes in my closet. It can also be old magazines or garden tools. I throw them in a bag and donate them. Libraries love old magazines, by the way — in some cities you can get service hours for donating them. This can put you in a good mood and give you a sense of accomplishment each day while also moving you toward your overall goal of cleaning out your space.”
Tina Nicole is an award-winning LA furniture designer, creative entrepreneur, and author. Her new art book and memoir, “DREAM DESIGN DISRUPT,” combines striking art with Tina’s personal story of persevering through struggles to achieve international acclaim. A visually stunning memoir, it encourages readers to find inspiration in the beauty around them and forge the life of their dreams.
Tina is Creative Director and CEO of Nathan Anthony Furniture, a company she and her husband Khai Mai founded in 2005 Their mission is to create beautiful, unforgettable furnishings that light up the room; delight the hearts of others with new fabrications, sculptured shapes and artful touches; excel at craftsmanship and construction; operate from a space of love and gratitude; and craft responsibly in Southern California.
Tina holds a Juris Doctor Degree from Loyola Law School, a Bachelor’s Degree in English from UCLA, and an Associate of Arts Degree in Merchandise Marketing Management from Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. She sits on the Board of Directors for the Burbank Youth Vocal Arts Foundation. Memberships include The California Bar Association, Female Founders Collective, Women’s Leadership Development Network (WithIt), The International Society of Furniture Designers and The Sustainable Furnishings Council. In her free time she enjoys travel, window shopping, visiting museums and cathedrals, live theater, beach cruising, working out, poetry, writing, dancing, painting, and creating things. Her volunteer work includes the performing arts program at Burbank High School, and delivering or cooking food for Ascenicia: Lifting People out of Homeless, Glendale, CA. She lives with her husband and son in Burbank. Learn more at
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Quarantined with the Kids? Explore Like a Dog.
Katy McQuaid
Author, leadership consultant
McQuaid Corporate Performance, LLC
“1) When you eat, really dig in and enjoy your food just like dogs do! Sometimes it’s fun to share, and sometimes your yummy treat can be all for you. 2) When dogs go for a walk outside, they smell everything! What can you smell when you go for a walk? Take nice, deep breaths, all the way into your belly. Enjoy the fresh air, and all the outside smells that come with it. 3) Have you noticed that dogs’ ears perk up when they notice things? Practice opening your eyes and ears to look and listen to everything around you. You can practice right where you are and take in everything there is to hear and see. 4) Dogs love to dig! It’s a fun, playful, and natural instinct they have. When you’re free to play and get dirty, go for it! Have fun, and enjoy the laughter and silliness that comes from play. 5) Dogs are great listeners. They love it when their people talk to them, and they perk up their ears. When a person you love speaks, you can practice perking up your ears, too, to show how much you enjoy being together.”
Author and leadership consultant Katy McQuaid spent more than three decades in the CIA, including 12 years living abroad. Her work in communities all over the world and the endearing, unconditional love of her four-legged muse Grace inspired her to write the “Everybody Loves Grace” series of illustrated books. Parents, kids of all ages, executives, and organizational leaders hail the series as a beacon of hope and inspiration for anyone navigating change or challenging circumstances.
Katy is the founder of McQuaid Corporate Performance, LLC and a graduate of Penn State University where she attended on a full scholarship, lettered all four years as a swimmer, and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in finance. She is also a graduate of the Vanguard Executive Development Program at Duke University, the Pinnacle Executive Leader Program at Kellogg’s School of Management, and is currently finalizing her studies to become a certified trainer for Conscious Transformation. Katy’s goal is to support people and organizations in experiencing successful, meaningful, and empowered transformations.
Katy was the first female Senior Executive in the CIA’s Logistics Career Service as well as the first Senior Executive Support Officer in the South Asia War Theater (and the first and only female to date in the position). She also held a key Support Officer position during the transition of US intelligence activities from one city to another in one of the largest European offices. Katy served as an Elder at Pathways Church in Denver, Colorado and currently serves as Chair of the Dorcas Aid America Board of Directors. Learn more at
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Want to Protect Your Health? Holistic Keto Can Help.
Kristin Grayce McGary
Kristin Grayce McGary
“1) Skip dairy: The typical ketogenic-type diet includes too many inflammatory foods. In my “Holistic Keto for Gut Health” book, I have an entire chapter on the dangers of dairy — a food group that is “allowed” in a standard ketogenic diet. We aren’t designed to consume dairy products other than human breast milk, especially after the age of 5. There are also other inflammatory foods you should hear about, like nuts and eggs, that can cause nagging symptoms no one can figure out.
2) Focus on digestive health: Holistic keto differs from the typical keto-type diet in that it omits inflammatory foods and focuses instead on digestive health, which leads to healthier immune function and vibrant health overall. It does eliminate the same carbohydrates that a standard keto diet omits (i.e., grains, legumes, and starchy root vegetables), but then it gets even better by incorporating gut healing foods, supplements, and lifestyle recommendations.
3) Improve digestion: Typical keto never mentions how you’re supposed to digest all that fat and meat, but holistic keto for gut health goes into this in depth. You’re not only what you eat, you’re what you can digest and absorb. Most people have subclinical gall bladder issues (sludge in the pipes, so to speak) and low stomach acid, which blocks your ability to digest fats and other nutrients properly. If you don’t break them down well, you can’t absorb them and your entire body and mind suffer.
4) Whole-self wellness beyond food: What you eat, digest, and absorb matters, but those aren’t the only factors for vibrant health. Holistic keto incorporates other important variables such as hydration, exercise, sleep, self-awareness, healthy relationships, appropriate boundaries, honest and responsible communication, and inner peace. A holistic and individualized approach to health and nutrition will always offer the best results.
5) Rebalance your gut: Most people have some level of gut dysbiosis — an imbalance between the “good guys” and the “bad guys” in your gut. These imbalances can lead to diseases because of how they influence your immune system. Holistic keto can help you halt, heal, and prevent autoimmune issues by healing your gastrointestinal tract.”
Health and lifestyle expert Kristin Grayce McGary (LAc., MAc., CFMP®, CST-T, CLP) is an internationally recognized author and speaker. She is an authority on autoimmunity, functional blood chemistry analysis, thyroid and gut health, pain alleviation, family wellness, extreme exhaustion, resolving blocks to healing, and food as medicine. She specializes in integrating mind, body, and spirit in healthcare through a uniquely individualized approach.
Offering more than two decades of education, clinical experience, and wisdom to her patients, Kristin Grayce seamlessly weaves together dozens of modalities to compassionately meet people where they are and guide them to vibrant health. Renowned for her health detective work, she helps successful high achievers under stress take the guesswork out of healthcare. She works to resolve patients’ root imbalances, helping them to regain lasting energy, live optimal vitality, revitalize, and reconnect to their most brilliant self so they can fulfill their life’s mission and share their gifts with the world.
Kristin Grayce is the author of “Holistic Keto for Gut Health: A Program for Resetting your Metabolism” (January 2020) and “Know Your Blood, Know Your Health: Prevent Disease and Enjoy vibrant health Through Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis” (April 2020). She is a dancer, athlete, guitar player, singer, gardener, and grandmother, and she is fluent in American Sign Language.
Her extensive health and wellness credentials include a degree from the University of Arizona with a focus on rehabilitation and special education and a minor in biology; Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) National Board Certification; master’s degree in acupuncture from Arizona School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine; nationally licensed acupuncturist (NCCAOM); state licensed acupuncturist in Arizona and Colorado; homeopathy training; functional medicine certification from Functional Medicine University; advanced CranioSacral Therapy certification from Upledger Institute; level 3 training in the life-changing Bruno’s Brain Technique from Bruno Chikly Institute; neural therapy, perineural injection therapy, and homeopuncture training; Reiki Master certification; LifeLine Technique certification (and former instructor); Sound Healing training; Cacao Ceremony creator and leader; Kambo Ceremony facilitator; movement/embodiment facilitator; level 1 Integral Coach (Ken Wilber’s work); and biological medicine studies with famous physicians such as Dr. Thomas Rau.
Kristin Grayce is Nationally board certified by the National Certification Commission of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM), a member of the Arizona Society of Oriental Medicine & Acupuncture (AZSOMA), the Acupuncture Association of Colorado, the Colorado Safe Acupuncture Association, and the North American Academy of Neural Therapy. Learn more at
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Working From Home During the Outbreak? Tips to Stay Organized.
Darla DeMorrow
Founder, certified professional organizer (CPO®)
HeartWork Organizing, LLC
“Remote work is more than just signing onto wi-fi. Staying professional includes 1) physical office setup and organization, 2) managing papers and digital files, 3) having the right apps and technology (even if you aren’t techy), and 4) staying productive despite distractions and family needs.”
Darla DeMorrow is a certified professional organizer (CPO®), decorator, speaker, and founder of HeartWork Organizing, LLC, based in Wayne, PA. Her mission is to help people achieve a sense of peace and purpose. She is the author of several inspiring books on getting organized, including “The Pregnant Entrepreneur,” “Organizing Your Kitchen with SORT and Succeed,” and “Organizing Your Home with SORT and Succeed.” Her newest book is “The Upbeat, Organized Home Office” (January 2020).
Darla holds a master’s degree in business administration from Temple University. She is an active member of NAPO (National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals) at both the national level and locally within the Greater Philadelphia chapter. Darla is a certified photo organizer with the Association of Personal Photo Organizers (APPO). She is a one-day staging professional and a member of the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA). She is a certified Color With No Regrets consultant, using a client-centered approach to provide beautiful, scientifically-based color selections. Darla is also a Certified Evernote Consultant. She is constantly honing her skills to provide her clients the best in organizing and design.
Darla is the host of Organizing Elephants, a local access television show. She is a former member of the volunteer fire department ambulance crew, an avid reader and podcast listener, and the rescuer of a homeless Siamese cat. Darla speaks French and enjoys traveling to France whenever she can.
When not redesigning client spaces, you will often find Darla working on her own home — which she shares with her husband and two young daughters. To learn more, visit
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4 Tips to Overcome Feeling Overwhelmed
Holistic Physician and Author
Dr. Bradley Nelson
“1) Learn to Say No — Even if you’re already feeling overwhelmed, there are things and people you want to say yes to: service opportunities, your boss, your kids… but ask yourself if all those obligations are really necessary. If it’s going to stress you out, politely say no. If your boss is expecting an unrealistic deadline, remind her or him of everything on your plate and propose a different solution. If you need a personal time out … take one. It’ll help you be more effective when you’re back at it!”
2) Let Go of Perfectionism — Sometimes we need to learn to let go of the need to control everything or have it all turn out perfectly. No matter what people choose to show (and filter) on social media, nobody’s life is perfect. Let go of the thought of being the ideal family, spouse, or parent. Setting realistic goals is one thing (and a good thing!) but expecting perfection of yourself, others, or the circumstances of life may easily lead to feeling overwhelmed.
3) Simplify — Take regular stock of the ways you might be needlessly complicating your schedule, expectations, or day-to-day living. What can you cut loose, at least for now?
4) Free Yourself Emotionally — When life seems to pile up, you might have so many things on your task list that you don’t even know where to begin. No matter the cause, when you’re truly feeling overwhelmed you might be so stressed that you’re enveloped in negative energy. You might feel frustrated, angry, or confused more easily than you otherwise would.”
Veteran holistic physician Dr. Bradley Nelson is one of the world’s foremost experts on natural methods of achieving wellness. He has certified thousands of practitioners worldwide to help people overcome physical, mental and emotional discomfort of all kinds by releasing their emotional baggage. His best-selling book “The Emotion Code” provides step-by-step instructions for working with the body’s healing power. A newly revised and expanded edition of “The Emotion Code” is now available (May 2019, St. Martin’s Press). For more information and a free Emotion Code Starter Kit, visit  
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