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NANJING, China, July 31, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — On 17 July, Lutz LangguthGreater China Manager of the leading international certification company TUV SUD – visited SUMEC Hardware & Tools Co., Ltd. in Nanjing to issue the world’s first Radio Equipment Directive (RED) certificate for a robotic lawn mower manufacturer. This important milestone is testament to the progress that SUMEC has made in wireless technology and electromagnetic compatibility, and the company hopes that EU certification will pave the way for its successful entry into the European market.

Robotic lawn mowers are one of a number of types of service robot to be produced for the mass market. Demand for these devices is particularly strong in Europe and North America. In 2009, SUMEC teamed up with Nanjing’s Southeast University, the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Sciences and a number of other higher education institutions to conduct research into robotic lawn mower technology. In order to address concerns about safety and protect the European market, the European Union recently issued a new version of the RED for wireless devices and a new harmonised standard for robotic lawn mowers (EN303 447). These regulations introduced new barriers for Chinese exporters who sell to the European market. In response to these measures, SUMEC worked with a number of research teams in China and overseas to ensure compliance with EU regulations. In March this year the company was certified by TUV SUD and received a RED conformity certificate, the world’s first robotic lawn mower manufacturer to meet the EU’s Machinery Directive, Low Voltage Directive, EMC Directive, Environmental Noise Directive and Radio Equipment Directive. This places the company at the cutting edge of robotic lawn mower technology and removes barriers for the company’s entry into the European market.

TUV SUD is Germany’s oldest and largest product certification company. Receiving RED certification is an important milestone for SUMEC and is the result of extensive innovation and research conducted by leading specialists from China and overseas. It also acknowledges SUMEC as one of the world’s pre-eminent experts in robotic safety and promises to open up new markets to offset the impact of trade protectionism.

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