Swiss’ Fracht Group launches logistics operations Rwanda | The New Tim…

Swiss firm Fracht Group has opened a logistics services in Rwanda that will accommodate its main operations for the East African Region.

The company, which was founded in 1955 in Switzerland, currently has over 1,250 employees in 34 countries with 93.

The company works to provide innovative, tailor-made logistics solutions to give customers quantifiable value added services through use of personnel and the latest information technology.

Given the materials and nature of items transported by the firm, Fracht Group also prides itself in zero recorded hazardous spills injuries as well as no negative impacts to the environment.

The Group is certified by ISO on compliance and safety deliver services that include logistics and distribution, air freight, sea freight, heavy lifts among others.

To acquire and maintain the safety certification, Fracht Group has knowledgeable and well trained staff as well as a dedicated compliance team overseeing compliance of all regulatory requirements.

Speaking during the launch of its operations in Rwanda, the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the firm, Ruedie Reisdorf, said that they were attracted to Rwanda by a favourable business environment among other factors.

“Rwanda is a landlocked country with people that are hardworking, politically stable. These gave us reason to start our operations in Africa. This is why we have chosen Rwanda as our first place to develop the African continent,” he said.

“The business we are seeking is founded on the fact that there are infrastructure projects, which always require logistics services. We think that Africa is really now on the step of huge development. So we are really delighted that we have been able to find experienced personnel to work with in Kigali,” he added.

The freight forwarder company operates in Europe, America, Asia and Oceania and is looking to dominate Africa.

Reisdorf said that they have also started operations in Burundi, Tanzania, DR Congo, Zambia and South Africa.

“This, together, already gives us a very strong holding in Eastern and Southern Africa. We are diversified. We have very active offices in South American countries where we have big success and we are also trying to have this success we have replicated in Africa,” he said.

“If you look at South American countries, to some extent these countries have the same problems or the same development like Africa. A lot of things could go the same way giving us an advantage, he added.

Speaking about their specific operations in Rwanda, the CEO said that there is always competition everywhere which is further motivation for them.

Callixte Banani, the project manager in Rwanda, said their services in Rwanda include declaring and facilitating imports and exports with Rwanda Revenue Authority.

“This company does logistics and supports our clients to declare their goods at Rwanda Revenue Authority so as to facilitate the tax processes. If traders need to import and transport goods from outside, we are here to support them  with relevant services,” he said.

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