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New York City, New York, Sept. 17, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Careers are one of the biggest parts of our entire lives. After all, most of us spend the majority of our waking hours during the week working in our chosen careers. Having a thriving and prosperous career is of vital importance for our overall health and happiness. There is a group of individuals who have dedicated their lives to helping others navigate their careers, maximising individuals potential and ability to succeed in the workplace. According to Boost Media Agency, a career coach is critical and often the deciding factor for those looking to have a long and prosperous career. Here we present the 10 career coaches leading the way in their industry: 

Andrea Martin (mrs.andrea.martin)

Andrea Martin started her career at 22, working 24 days straight with six days off in a month. Living with the hustle mindset 24/7, Andrea learned to work under pressure and climbed her way to the top in just over two years of being in the company. This led her to keep everyone asking, “How did you do it?” She knew spot on that she tapped into a strategy only seen among people with decades of experience. Then she became obsessed with understanding it more, devouring every possible book about high performance and success. After navigating male-dominated fields for over a decade, finding her boundaries, her voice, and positioning herself as a confident and leader with a purpose, she knew that her journey was meant to create a ripple effect in other women’s lives. That was when she made it her life’s mission to find ambitious professionals who want to navigate conflict at work courageously, strive to find balance, and stand up for their worth. Success Blueprint Vault, a coaching membership that Andrea established, is meant for talented professionals who want to inject strategy and tenacity in their careers. It’s a venue where people can learn the step-by-step process to increase a strategic mindset as well as some practical steps that they can follow to ensure they are moving forward to reaching their goals. On top of the lessons, this membership program also includes access to Fortune 500 leaders and an elite group of like-minded individuals, giving first-hand experiences to Andrea’s clients that allow greater transformation and success.

Adunola Adeshola (@thenewemployees)

Adunola Adeshola is a millennial career strategist and Forbes contributor. She helps high-achieving corporate professionals secure new positions they love at companies they love. She knows exactly what it’s like to feel stagnant and uninspired in your career and teaches other young professionals how to take control of their careers and go after the roles they want. Her clients have landed interviews and job offers at top companies like HBO, Tiffany & Co. CBS, TikTok, Macy’s, and so many other amazing companies and agencies in their desired industries. Her career advice has also been featured in The New York Times, Fast Company, Business Insider, Bloomberg and other publications. Adunola has a free guide where she shares 5 proven steps to help you go from zero interviews to dream job offers, you can access it here.” 

Krista Demcher (@kristademcher)

“I just know there’s something else out there for me.”  This was the sentiment that Krista Demcher had on repeat when she walked away from a successful career as a licensed counselor to venture blindly into entrepreneurship, and again when she pivoted after a decade of building a multi-million dollar sales team from the ground up to begin her own coaching business.  It’s now the anthem that brings women from all backgrounds to her signature program, the ACORN Method.  With a battle cry of “it’s NOT too late”, Krista marries her clinical counseling skills with her business savvy to help participants make their next big move by mastering confidence, clarity and communication skills.  This small group, high touch program is unlike any other because it not only provides a roadmap to follow and supportive community to walk alongside, but it also offers built-in implementation blocks to put newfound skills into action.  Krista stands shoulder to shoulder with her clients for eight weeks as she encourages them to tap into what makes them different and teaches them how to create compelling messaging for their products, services and personal expertise.  Graduates of the ACORN method credit this program for 10x business revenue and 50% salary increases, but even better than that – the courage to say goodbye to the status quo and step boldly into a life with no regrets.

Jenny Logullo (@jennylogullo)

Jenny Logullo (she/her) is a Gen Z career coach, marketer, educator and founder of Workplace Worth Academy™. Through her signature coaching program, she helps entry-level job seekers and creatives unravel their strengths and find their calling in the workplace. Jenny’s approach includes one-on-one conversations about personal branding, market demands, and the power of bringing your full self into what you do. In an evolving marketplace, Jenny emphasizes the importance of embracing vulnerability and tapping into your strong personal connections to gain visibility into your career options. She empowers her clients to identify their core skills, conquer limited beliefs and imposter syndrome associated with entry-level roles, and develop a growth mindset when it comes to securing new opportunities. In her signature program, Jenny approaches sensitive topics during her sessions such as mental health, benefit literacy, and workplace burnout to meet clients exactly where they are. With a human-centered style, she naturally builds strong connections with her clients to best understand their individual challenges and strengths. Jenny enjoys creating digital content and is a frequent speaker on topics such as personal branding, first-generational wealth, freelancing, the future of cubicle life.  

Stephanie Heath (@careercoachsteph)

With a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Stephanie Heath entered the world of recruitment in 2011 and started work as a Technology and Finance Recruiter. For over nine years now, Stephanie has used her experience in Talent Acquisition to build Soulwork & Six Figures. Now, as Job Search Consultant and Career Coach, she’s transformed the lives of thousands of underpaid and uninspired professionals. Her clients can range from soft-spoken (or not so soft spoken) menand women who land soul-aligned, six-figure corporate positions. Stephanie teaches on how to tap into your ‘corporate worth’, communicate your value proposition powerfully and negotiate salaries (anywhere form ninety thousand a year to total comps upwards of 500k ~. Her work has been featured as an expert voice on LinkedIn, The Muse, Mogul Millennial Online Magazine and HelloGiggles. She strongly believes that ‘Good People Get Hired’, and has modeled her signature coaching method with it. For her…”A job search should feel aligned, serendipitous and EASY.” Stephanie explains. Her programs, the Career Catalyst, and the Six Figure Catalyst are both tailored to assist job seekers i.e. new managers to discreetly looking Executive Directors land soul aligned offer packages from companies like Google and top performing VC Firms worldwide. 

Domonique Worship (@coach_domonique) 

Domonique Worship is a career and leadership development coach who works with high-achieving women across a broad range of industries. Through customized one-on-one coaching, she helps her clients design the lives and careers of their dreams and go from feeling stuck and powerless in their careers to landing their dream jobs. Having worked for a Wall Street law firm and a major sports league herself, Domonique understands that the key to success is to achieve alignment in everything you do. She holds a J.D. from Harvard Law School, a B.A. from the University of Florida, and has distinguished herself as an Associate Certified Coach and Certified Professional Co-Active Coach. In October 2018, Domonique founded Domonique Worship Coaching & Consulting LLC and has been diligently working with high-achieving women ever since. She supports them in crafting a vision for their life and career that is rooted in the things that matter most to them. Together, they create an actionable roadmap, and Domonique provides support and accountability every step of the way as they work to make their dreams a reality. She takes on every client’s journey differently and tailors her programs depending on the individual needs and desires of each client. Domonique’s holistic approach to career and leadership development facilitates transformation, increasing her clients’ self-awareness, and ultimately developing the necessary tools and techniques to overcome the mindset challenges that stand between them and their dreams. 

Melissa Carvalho (@melissacarvalho)

Melissa Carvalho is a career coach with over seven years of experience working with top Fortune 500 companies and various start-ups, as both a recruiter and an HR professional. While working for companies was rewarding, the limitations of her job, like not being able to tell people why they didn’t get the job they’ve applied for, kept bothering her. Melissa had a desire to help those jobseekers find the right jobs, but she couldn’t. “We’ve moved forward with another qualified applicant”, she hated saying this. That’s when she decided to pursue coaching, leave the corporate world and build her own coaching business. For over three years now, Melissa has helped hundreds of jobseekers fix their LinkedIn profiles, reconstruct their resumes, and land their dream roles. All her mid-to-senior level clients receive complete transformation from her signature coaching program Hired Like a Boss 1:1 Career Coaching, where clients gain clarity in their careers, networking strategies, and learn how to negotiate their job offers to get paid for what they truly deserve. She believes there are several opportunities out there for everyone, but many don’t see it. Through her guidance, Melissa wants her clients to gain the confidence and mindset they need to be successful. Amid the pandemic, Melissa extends her hand to new graduates and entry-level professionals through Hired Like a Boss Group Program which will be launched soon. 

Pamella Pritchard (@cv.secrets)

Pamella Pritchard is a career and mindset coach, co-founder of Career Women’s Empowerment Network as well as CV Secrets, a career coaching business that supports professionals going through a job change and career transition. With over a decade in recruitment, HR, and sales, she decided to become a career coach and take her experience to help people secure jobs they’ve always dreamed of. Pamella truly believes that every single person deserves happiness and fulfillment in life, and they can achieve anything with the right mindset and confidence. As Pamella ventured into coaching, she commits herself to a mission to support ambitious professionals in navigating through their career transitions with ease, helping them embrace their growth journey. Through her CV Secrets Career Coaching program, she combines practical career mentoring and CV writing, salary negotiation skills, and interview preparation, with transformational life coaching techniques including NLP to equip professionals with the right mindset and energy shift to pursue and secure a career of their dreams.

Fabiana Dantas Leal (@fabianaleal.careerlab4ir)

Fabiana Leal is a career strategist with over 15 years’ experience working for global companies. She entered the job market as a business assistant and grew her career as a finance executive. Over the last 18 years working in multimillion-dollar companies Fabiana built a reputation as a career advisor with people from five continents. Supporting people achieving their career goals sparked her passion and made her transition into career coaching. In 2019, she founded CL4IR (Career Lab at the 4th Industrial Revolution), an innovative digital space to develop strategic career plans and support people succeeding in the job market. Her commitment to growth and service prompted her to empower individuals from different backgrounds to widen their perspectives and take action instead of waiting for opportunities to knock on their doors. Through her fast-paced seven days program, Fabiana challenges the participants daily by providing straight-to-the-point feedback that helps them land dream jobs, get promoted, and even undergo a total career change.

Julia Toothacre (@ridethetidecollective)

A career coach and counselor for almost 10 years, Julia Toothacre has devoted her life to coaching others since beginning her career in higher education. After a few major life events, Julia had a change of perspective on the importance of balance between career and life. Needing time to step away from her full-time job, Julia realized there’s more to life than a steady paycheck – deciding to start her own business where she can work with clients on her own terms. Using her experience in the field, she built her coaching business to help ambitious professionals strategize and advance their careers in their chosen fields. Ride the Tide Collective was the result of her wanting branding that reflected her love of the beach while also recognizing struggles in life like the tide that tries to take you under. Certified and trained in multiple personality assessments, Julia takes her clients on their surfboards to start their journey as they uncover their highest potential. She built career programs from all those years of trial and error working with professionals from all levels of experience. While there is structure, her programs are designed to provide the highest flexibility that fit the unique needs of her client’s career goals. Julia strongly believes that career education and opportunities should be available to everyone. Along with her coaching programs, Julia publishes content on her podcast and social media platforms to share all her best information for free, where she has created an impact in the lives of many. 

Make sure to follow each of these incredible coaches, as they continue to thrive and help their clients grow. Each of their Instagram’s have been directly linked here. Finally, we would like to thank Boost Media Agency for taking the time to put this article together.

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