Upgrade Your Monitor To This 43-Inch Philips Model


Take your gaming to the next level with this 43-inch Philips monitor – which you can save a whopping 35% on today. Check out the details below.

This year has brought a lot of change to most households. You may be watching more TV than you ever have in your life, or perhaps your job turned into a telecommuting situation. Either way, your screen time is likely up. Make the most of that extra time staring at screens by upgrading your home setup with an affordable option, like this Philips Momentum 43-inch LED 4K UHD monitor that’s certified refurbished and 35% off today.

If your eye got caught on the word refurbished, let’s dive into what that really means. A certified refurbished product goes through testing and gets a certification when it’s working like new again. The process to get there includes cleaning, inspection, functionality testing, and repacking with the relevant accessories and a 90-day warranty. Basically like new.

If you’re looking for the monitor to improve your image quality while gaming or binging, the UltraClear 4K UHD display will definitely do the trick. You’ll watch your favorites in detailed images for CAD solutions that use 3D graphics applications. It’s all enhanced with HDR and quantum dot tech, which displays a dynamic range of colors to show the true natural palette in the picture.

For the real color enthusiasts, you’ll enjoy the presence of Ambiglow technology, which enlarges the screen by creating an immersive halo of light to analyze incoming images and adapt the color and brightness of the emitted monitor light to match the image.

If that got a little too tech for you, even the most uninvolved viewer can appreciate the multi-view functionality that enables a connection to multiple devices for screen-sharing and toggling, USB-C cable for easy connecting, and DTS Sound that optimizes playback regardless of form factors.

Work and play both seem to require a lot of screen time, and it’s not worth the strain on your eyes and ego to squint and struggle with a low-quality or small screen. Upgrade your setup while this certified refurbished Philips Momentum 43-inch LED 4K UHD monitor is 35% off for $649.99.  


Philips Momentum 43″ LED 4K UHD Monitor (Certified Refurbished) – $649.99

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