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As more of the world’s data and information technology moves to cloud-based systems, it’s no surprise that some of the most popular cloud services would emerge and become hot growth areas for hungry IT professionals. And two of the most explosive new job arenas are opening up in DevOps and the Amazon Web Services platform.

If you don’t want to put all your IT training eggs in one basket, get schooled up and hireable on two of the most critical cloud disciplines with the DevOps and AWS Certification Training course bundle, on sale now for $29, an over 90 percent savings.

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This double-barreled instruction package begins with a full exploration of holistic software creation with the DevOps Practitioner Certification Training. In DevOps, programmers and operations engineers get together right at the idea stage of a new product. Utilizing this Agile-like method not only assures a top-quality product, but also one laid out with issues of implementation and future scalability addressed and built in.

This training lays out how to master automating processes like configuration management, continuous integration and deployment, as well as how to use DevOps tools like Git, Docker, Jenkins, Puppet and Nagios in a cloud-based environment to create and roll out innovative software apps in new and exciting ways.

Meanwhile, no venue is at the heart of cloud computing innovation than Amazon Web Services. In AWS Technical Essentials Certification Training, you’ll get a complete education in creating software built to live and run on the AWS platform. As you work through two live projects, you’ll learn how to navigate the AWS Management Console, how to create the right storage options and security measures, as well as how to troubleshoot problems and grow naturally.

The mysteries of cloud computing won’t seem so mysterious after you’ve digested these two courses. Valued at $350 each, you can score both courses for less than $15 a piece, just $29 while this deal lasts.

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