5 best trucking companies in China

Let us learn about the five renowned trucking companies in China. Please note that rankings and specific statistics may vary based on various factors such as fleet size, market share, revenue, and service coverage. Here are five prominent trucking companies in China:

  1. Sinotrans Limited: Sinotrans Limited is one of the largest logistics companies in China, offering a comprehensive range of transportation and logistics services. It operates a significant fleet of trucks and has an extensive network covering domestic and international markets.
  2. China COSCO Shipping Corporation Limited: China COSCO Shipping Corporation Limited is a state-owned shipping and logistics conglomerate. It provides trucking services through its subsidiary COSCO Shipping Logistics. With a strong presence in China, it offers integrated transportation solutions and has a substantial fleet.
  3. China Merchants Group: China Merchants Group is a state-owned conglomerate involved in various sectors, including transportation and logistics. Its subsidiary, China Merchants Energy Shipping, operates a fleet of trucks for transportation and logistics services across China.
  4. China Railway Corporation (CRC): CRC is a state-owned enterprise responsible for China’s railway operations, including freight transportation. It offers rail freight services, and its subsidiary, CRC Logistics, provides trucking services for last-mile delivery and integrated logistics solutions.
  5. SF Express: SF Express is one of the largest express delivery companies in China, specializing in time-definite and e-commerce logistics services. It operates a vast fleet of trucks and has a strong presence in the domestic market.

These trucking companies contribute significantly to China’s transportation and logistics sector, facilitating the movement of goods across the country.