American Airlines says it won’t fly 737 Max jets until September at ea…


American Airlines won’t fly Boeing 737 MAX jets until September, at the earliest, following two crashes involving the model that together killed 346 people, the company announced Sunday according to Reuters. 

The new date is about a month later than American Airline’s initial estimation and about 115 flights will be canceled through Sept. 3. 

Boeing has not completed a certification test flight and submitted software upgrade and training changes to the Federal Aviation Administration(FAA), according to Reuters.

The FAA did was not immediately available for comment from The Hill. Reuters reported the FAA declined to comment Sunday. 

In an online statement, Boeing said it’s working with the FAA to “develop, test and certify updates” to limit future accidents. 

American Airlines said it will continue to work with federal regulatory authorities to ensure the safety of the aircraft before resuming flights. 

“American Airlines remains confident that impending software updates to the Boeing 737 MAX, along with the new training elements Boeing is developing in coordination with our union partners, will lead to recertification of the aircraft soon,” the announcement states.  


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