Android Gets FIDO2 Certification for Quick, Secure Web Logins


You’ve long been able to log in to mobile apps like banking and credit institutions using biometric verifications, but with FIDO2 certifications, this same convenience is coming to the web on over half of all Android devices.

You know the scenario: once you log in to a specific app—like your bank, for example—it gives you the option to log in using your fingerprint in future instances. If you enable it, you only need to touch your phone’s fingerprint reader to log in from that point forward, which is great.

This isn’t just nice for convenience—it’s also a lot more secure. Since the fingerprint information is stored locally on your device and not in the cloud, there’s virtually zero chance of it ever being compromised. Now, this same functionality is coming to the web on Android devices running Android 7.0 and above.

It will require a Google Play Service update on all supported devices, which will roll out through the Play Store. On top of that, web developers will need to also enable the feature, so don’t expect it to work out of the gate on all sites that you log into. Baby steps, you know?

If your device doesn’t have a fingerprint scanner, this will also work with other forms of secure logins—like PIN or pattern inputs. And because it’s all on the web, users will be able to set up password-less logins from an app and have it also work on the web (and vice versa).

We’re getting closer and closer to a true password-less future every day. I can’t wait.



Source link Google News