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Just because you own a Bugatti doesn’t mean you know how to drive one. And it certainly doesn’t make you a race car driver. However, loads of people have access to the Adobe Creative Cloud and call themselves graphic designers. But do they actually know the intricacies of those powerful tools…or is it all just poser posturing?

If you want to call yourself an actual graphic designer, get the knowledge to back up that claim with the credentials to prove it with Graphic Design Certification School training. It’s a $1,200 package of instruction that’s on sale right now for only $31.20 from TNW Deals with promo code: GREENMONDAY20. 

Across 41 hours of training, you’ll get full instruction and hands on experience using three of the Creative Cloud’s most popular apps: Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator.

Three decades on, Photoshop remains among the most used software on the planet…and this course will have doing all manner of digital manipulation tricks, including importing images, morphing colors, layers, formats, even text and other elements to create virtually any graphic imaginable.

You can then use those images in professional grade fliers, newsletters, posters and other physical media with your InDesign training. Armed with this knowledge, you can handle either bring any of your business marketing needs in-house or just put a top-quality sheen over any  personal projects, from websites to scrapbooks to holiday gifts and more.

Finally, lllustrator opens you up to the world of vector graphics. By understanding how to utilize vector graphics, you’ll be able to incorporating logos, icons, exotic typefaces and other art elements in entirely scalable images with relatively small file sizes.

Once you finish each course, you’ll also have earned a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) certificate so you’ll have actual evidence that you’ve got the training to do the job right.

Each course retails for about $400, but with this limited time deal, you can get trained in all three apps for almost $10 each.

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