Bonitasoft Certified as a Great Place to Work®


PARIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Bonitasoft, publisher of the Bonita open-source platform for intelligent
management of business processes, has received certification as a Great
Place to Work®.

This certification
acknowledges the strong effort made by Bonitasoft to create a welcoming
and positive workplace, dedicated to employee development, and is
significant recognition of its efforts to be an outstanding employer.

This certification was earned in part through employee participation in
the “Trust Index” survey. With a response rate of more than 92% of
its employees, 86% confirmed their view that the company is a good place
to work. In addition:

  • 92% said that management recruits people who fit well in the company;
  • 98% that new employees are welcomed; and
  • 90% feel they can count on help from colleagues and others.

“As our market is becoming more competitive and suffering from a
shortage of technical skills, we are proud of this new certification
which reflects the efforts we have made,” said Carole Winqwist, Vice
President of Marketing at Bonitasoft. “We have been committed for
several years to retain, develop and motivate our employees, while
focusing on recruiting and attracting new talent.”

With this new certification, Bonitasoft will continue its efforts to
meet three major challenges identified through the survey:

  • Strengthen its employer brand and its attractiveness in a competitive
    job market;
  • Continue to improve its Human Resources policies based on its
    fundamental values of collaboration, excellence, transparency, merit
    and sharing; and
  • Benchmark Human Resources practices with companies of the same size
    and type to set new goals for growth.

Winqwist notes that Bonitasoft also strives to promote diversity within
its teams, in terms of nationality, age and gender. This is underscored
by the evidence that there is no significant pay difference between male
and female employees.

According to Winqwist, “Few companies of our size have obtained this
badge. At Bonitasoft, everyone is accessible and our teams and practices
are aligned with the themes of customer service and providing value.”

Although Bonitasoft will soon celebrate its 10th anniversary, the
company has kept its can-do “start-up” spirit. It was recently awarded a Best
Place to Work
 by Best in Biz International Awards
maintains a presence on recruitment platforms Glassdoor
and Welcome
to the Jungle
 (in French).


Bonitasoft helps innovative companies worldwide
deliver better digital user experiences for customers and employees. The
extensible and open Bonita application platform unleashes the full
potential of multidisciplinary development teams to create Living
Applications: applications that allow continuous and incremental
improvement, connecting tailored user interfaces with reliable
back-office operations.
With more than 1000 customers in 75
countries, and its ecosystem of more than 130,000 members, Bonitasoft is
the largest provider of open-source Business Process Management,
low-code and digital transformation software worldwide.

A Great Place To Work

A Great Place To Work® is the reference for quality of life at
work. Our teams of experts have supported the cultural transformation of
organizations for over 25 years. We evaluate the perception of employees
and the practices of companies using a unique and
structured methodology. We also offer tailor-made support solutions to
help organizations become and remain great places to work and to anchor
trust at the heart of their corporate culture. The goal: to sustainably
maintain the overall performance and professional fulfillment of their


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