Bumbleberry Farms Honeys Now True Source Certified


SOMERSET, Pa.— In recent years, several investigations have revealed unsettling news about the United States honey industry. One found that more than 75 percent of honey sold in US grocery stores “isn’t exactly honey.” Another investigation found that much of the honey on United States grocery shelves is likely to have been illegally imported from China and may contain dangerous antibiotics and heavy metals. Consumers can navigate buying honey from this under-regulated industry by purchasing honey that is True Source Certified.

True Source Certified is a voluntary system of traceability that demonstrates that a company’s honey sourcing practices are in full compliance with U.S. and international trade laws through an independent third-party auditing system. The certification also guarantees that honey manufacturers produce and sell pure honey directly from their own operation or that they purchase only certified lots of honey. They must maintain a system of review for every batch or shipment of honey. This system permits honey to be tracked from the consumer back through the supply chain to the beekeeper that harvested the honey.

Today, Bumbleberry Farms, a woman-run operation led by founder and beekeeper Karen Mosholder, announces that they are now True Source Certified. Located in the foothills of Pennsylvania’s Laurel Mountains, the team at Bumbleberry Farms bottles all their delicious honeys and crafts their innovative honey cream spreads in small artisan batches. Bumbleberry Farms began with the mission to spread a little sweetness through creating innovative, inspiring artisan products that bring good health and joy the way nature intended.

“I am very proud to be able to state that all of the honey in Bumbleberry Farms’ delicious bottles are True Source Honey,” said Mosholder. “We take the integrity of our products very seriously and it is invaluable to have an esteemed third party verify that every batch we bottle meets an exceptional level of quality. This certification is vitally important to our intrinsic mission and overarching purpose to spread a little sweetness. At Bumbleberry Farms, we believe in the Power of Small, from our bees to our team to our partners. Individually we may be small, but together we are a mighty force for good.”

Bumbleberry Farms honey and honey spreads are available nationwide at large scale stores like Terrain, Republic of Tea, Home Goods, Marshalls, TJ Maxx and select Whole foods locations as well as numerous specialty cheese and wine shops, coffee houses, gift stores and museum shops. Additionally, Bumbleberry Farm products can be purchased at bumbleberryfarms.com.

About Bumbleberry Farms

Founder and beekeeper Karen Mosholder started beekeeping as a call to action to do her part to keep the bee populations healthy. She began selling her honey harvest to her co-workers. The demand for her delicious honeys continued to grow and Bumbleberry Farms Heritage Honey was born. Today, Bumbleberry Farms is a nationally recognized company that sells hand-crafted honey and unique delicious honey cream spreads to large scale stores like Terrain, Home Goods, Marshalls, TJ Maxx and select Whole foods locations as well as to sustainable companies like The Republic of Tea. With a business model as sweet as her honeys, Mosholder works with local mothers who work in all areas of production from labeling to bottling to packaging. Her honeys and additional ingredients are all sourced from natural and organic providers. The new Honey Cream Spreads have taken the honey experience to a new level and taste sensation. Join the Bumbleberry Farms community on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and Spread a Little Sweetness.


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