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DUBLIN, Ohio, Feb. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — To help health systems optimize and benchmark progress as they innovate their clinical and operational supply chains, Cardinal Health WaveMark™ Supply Management & Workflow Solutions announced a collaboration with HIMSS Analytics® as a Certified Organization of the Clinically Integrated Supply Outcomes Model (CISOM).

The CISOM is more than a guide for cost or process-improvement strategy. HIMSS notes that medical error is the third leading cause of death in North America, and points to research that demonstrates health systems using CISOM to create an automated supply chain infrastructure at the point of care can proactively identify risk of adverse events for clinicians and intervene appropriately to help reduce error.

The unique value WaveMark™ brings to CISOM is ensuring accurate visibility to “at risk” product inventory to help prevent “never events,” including expired or recalled product used on a patient.

“A clinically integrated supply chain starts with WaveMark™,” said Christina Tosto, vice president of Operations at WaveMark™. “We can help the clinical and supply chain teams in a health system to enhance the patient experience, ensure accurate clinical documentation of products used in patient care, and improve enterprise visibility to critical inventory and waste. The result is simply better care delivered more efficiently and at a lower cost.”

As a HIMSS Analytics® Certified Organization, WaveMark™ will help health systems evaluate the maturity of its hospitals or IDNs against industry-aligned, best demonstrated practices. Based on any gaps identified in the evaluation, the health system will work with WaveMark™ to develop a strategic, actionable roadmap to help them align people, process and technology to achieve higher levels of supply chain maturity. With this customized approach, WaveMark™ meets each health system where it is on its supply chain journey to help achieve measurable progress.

“An integrated, clinically-led approach to the supply chain improves optimization of inventory to reduce costs and enables innovation of patient care by tracing clinical care pathways with products utilized,” said Tosto.

The CISOM is an eight stage (0-7) model that provides a strategic pathway to track processes and products used in care by mobilizing data to create real-world evidence of impact and outcomes for patient populations. 

The WaveMark™ portfolio offers solutions that directly support many of the criteria required in the stages of CISOM maturity, including:

  • Automated recall and expiration tracking at the point of care
  • Supply chain data that proves cost savings and identifies opportunities for improvement
  • Insights that support leadership with strategic decision making
  • Clinical supply documentation at the point of care that is tied to a patient medical record
  • Adoption of Unique Device Identification (UDI) global standards

“Solutions like WaveMark™ will help the healthcare industry unify its approach toward digital health transformation by driving the clinically integrated supply chain forward,” said Reid Oakes, executive vice president of Analytics at HIMSS. “Supporting an infrastructure that enables data capture and analytics to empower proactive care decisions can lead to better care and improved patient outcomes. The HIMSS team is excited to have WaveMark™ as a Certified Organization for the CISOM.”

For more information on the CISOM model from HIMSS, visit the WaveMark™ Clinically Integrated Supply Chain microsite. To evaluate your health system’s current stage of maturity and start your journey to a clinically integrated supply chain, reach out to WaveMark™ Supply Management & Workflow Solutions team at [email protected]

About WaveMark™ Supply Management & Workflow Solutions

WaveMark™ is a solution portfolio helping to optimize supply chain and clinical workflow processes to bring order to disorganization and chaos within the healthcare supply chain. The business supports an optimized supply chain strategy via service and technology offerings that help drive more effective patient care at the lowest operational cost. With the support of WaveMark™, clinicians and supply chain teams gain the freedom to focus on what matters most, which includes enhancing the patient experience, increasing enterprise visibility to supplies, supporting clinical documentation accuracy, and enhancing value of the supply chain.

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