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Two years ago, the Community College of Baltimore County (CCBC) Dundalk, initiated a program to prepare future workers for the transportation and maritime logistics industry in and around the Port of Baltimore.

“Major parts of the industry are in the Dundalk area,” CCBC Program Coordinator for transportation, distribution and maritime logistics, Kipp Snow said.

“Tradepoint Atlantic has opportunity and is rebuilding the economic area of Bethlehem Steel; other distribution companies are hiring in the area,” he noted.

The college credit program allows students to gain industry knowledge that heavily focuses on port opportunities and cargo handling, according to Snow.

The program focuses on various concepts, from the five major modes of transportation and how they operate to supply chain management, understanding why businesses move freight the way that they do, the best way to move freight around the world and then they look at the characteristics of each mode, he added.

“All these concepts in conjunction with an internship helps prepare students for entry mid-level positions,” Snow said.

For those who want the basic industry knowledge, they can obtain a college certificate after completing 21 credits or seven courses.

If somebody wants to continue up the academic ladder, they can complete 60 credits or 20 courses for an associates of applied science opportunities.

Advancement to earn a bachelors and masters degree is also available.

This program was created for those 18-year-olds, fresh out of high school and looking for a career,” Snow said.

“More than likely their parents worked in transportation or chain management in the community,” Snow said.

According to Snow, although the program has not connected with any high schools, they would like to work with high schools, specifically in southeast Baltimore County, to do a dual-credit program.

Somebody who is trying to change careers, or who started in the industry 15 to 20 years ago, can apply to get more advanced training.

“A lot of these workers started with no training and can’t move up because they have no credentials,” Snow said.

This program will offer education to the incumbent workers, who need certification for advancement.

To assist with college tuition, programs like College Promise provide tuition assistance for those who need help but don’t meet the initial financial requirements for tuition assistance.

Baltimore County Public School (BCPS) offers a tuition free program that allows students up to four classes, tuition free.

BCPS also has a dual credit program, where eligible students receive a 50 percent discount.


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