Equinix releases the date its $19m Bulgarian data centre is set to go …


The company’s main data centre is based in the city of Baku, with the ministry stating that Facebook, Google, Amazon, Yahoo and other companies had expressed interest in hosting equipment in the facility back in 2016.

Azerbaijan operator AzInTelecom has plans to launch its data
centre facility in the Yevlakh district in July of this year, according to
local reports from Trend news agency.

Azerbaijan, a country in the South Caucasus region of
Eurasia, is currently home to three data centre colocation facilities from Delta
Telekom, Data Merkezi and AzInTelecom.

The report added that the revelation that the geographical
backup data centre facility being built in Azerbaijan’s Yevlakh District may be
commissioned in July of this year, was from Jeyhun Aliyev, AzInTelecom deputy
director, who said so at a conference titled “Reliable and secure cloud
environment”, which was held as part of the cyber security week in Baku.

The company added that backup data centre facility will ensure the continuous operation of critical systems in case of failure of the main data centre facility located in Baku, which will further strengthen the durability and reliability of the AzIntelecom IT infrastructure in case of accidents.


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AzIntelecom has already started the commercial exploitation of
resources of the largest data centre facility in Azerbaijan since January 2017,
according to the report.

The company’s first data centre was launched by AzInTelecom
in December 2016, and the company operates within the Ministry of Transport,
Communications and High Technologies.

The data centre facility was constructed by a company from
Germany, and awarded with TIER III Certification after successful tests by
Uptime Institute, which is an official confirmation of it being designed based
on international standards and meeting the necessary criteria of reliability
and security.

The data centre facility has an area of more than 7,534 sq ft, and is concurrently maintainable engineering subsystems, redundant cooling system, back-up power supply system, back-up telecommunications infrastructure.


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