Google’s Pixel Buds 2 inch closer to launch with FCC certification


Google’s first pair of true-wireless earbuds are inching closer to their launch. The second-gen Pixel Buds have been today listed on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) after getting certified for wireless charging earlier this month and passing through the Bluetooth SIG in January.

The listing features two model numbers, G1007 and G1008 which likely refers either to the left and right earbuds or the earbuds together and the charging case. The entry further says that the devices “are too small to accommodate the FCC ID” and thus, the certification information will be limited to the packaging as well as the user manual. There’s no fixed timeline for when products launch once they’re through the FCC. However, if history is any indication, it should take at least two to three weeks.

Google introduced the second-gen Pixel Buds last year in October at its annual hardware showcase. In addition to featuring a true-wireless design until its corded neckband-style predecessor, the new Pixel Buds offer a host of improvements to keep up with the growing competition.

Most notably, the Pixel Buds 2 come equipped with long-range Bluetooth tech which Google claims can stay connected up to three rooms away and up to a football field away outside. They also take advantage of Google’s machine learning prowess and offer a feature called Adaptive Sound. This allows the earbuds to dynamically adjust the volume as you move, for instance, from the quiet of your home to a noisy subway. When you’re on a call, the two microphones can intelligently focus on your voice by detecting speech through jaw vibration.

On top of these, the Pixel Buds 2 are sweat and water resistant. They can last five hours of continuous use on a single charge and the compact case offers an additional 24 hours of juice.

The Pixel Buds 2 don’t technically have an active noise cancellation module and their $179 price tag reflects that. They’re slated to arrive sometime in Spring 2020.

At the moment, however, it’s unclear whether the coronavirus pandemic has thrown a wrench in Google’s schedule yet. Google, like many other tech companies, has gradually shifted its production to Vietnam where it’s business as usual at manufacturing plants. Therefore, we may see the company go ahead with its Pixel Buds 2 launch after all through a press release — possibly alongside the Pixel 4a.


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