How to become a certified ethical hacker?


It was found that by the end of 2018, 68% of the businesses across the globe were affected by cyber-attacks, whereas in the Indian market this was 76%. Therefore, there’s a massive demand for CEH professionals in the industry today.

What is the role of a CEH professional?

Ethical hacker is somebody who eliminates black hat hackers from the systems of the organization and keeps the data, networks safe by identifying potential threats. An ethical hacker is also a part of the security team who during a cyber-attack helps the organization in handling the damages and provides the support that protects the networks and monitors the networks for any irregularities. (If you are looking for ethical hacking training connect with us)

Your job as an ethical hacking course would have days with a lot of stress and days with nothing of this sort. This depends entirely on the security of the networks. For security to be strong it is important that an applicant must have a strong history in computer security. Which means a CEH must have a knowledge about: –
Making scripts having the ability to test the vulnerabilities and penetration
Developing low-level tools which can enhance security monitoring and testing
Sharing detailed reports with their team and executive about document security findings
Assessing risk across the networks including hardware and software. And informing both the software and hardware developers about these vulnerabilities
Setting up security policies to make protected practice for the personnel
Reviewing & hiring vendors for security system incorporation
Training peers and subordinates on best practices for network security

Whatever network or security that a CEH creates or work upon, he/she works on them on the based upon the following rules: –
Would operate preferably with written and express permissions to hack a given network
Respect the privacy policy
Would also keep their work hidden such nobody can exploit it

What is the Scope of Ethical Hackers?
Before we rush into the scope of an Ethical Hacker let’s just first identify where all do we need where all is the requirement for such professionals. Ethical Hackers are generally hired by IT firms, government agencies like the special forces, defense organizations, detective companies, forensic laboratories and in investigating service.
Internet security and networking are the two fastest-growing segments in ethical hackers where one can find employment. Ethical hackers are hired to find any vulnerabilities that might exist in a network and to fix them. They can join the government as well as private organizations as cyber-security experts. (If you need to know about ethical hacking course fees click here)

It has been seen that Ethical hackers in the past have been massively hired by companies like Reliance, Airtel, HCL, Mahindra, TCS & IBM. Furthermore, Ethical hackers have also been in high demand amongst the Federal Bureau of Information & the National Security Agency. Along with this, there are various organizations that employ contractors to audit their systems and security testers.

Steps to begin your CEH Career
Enroll at an authorized training center like Mercury Solutions providing CEH training under the guidelines of EC Council.
Get trained at least for 30 days
Register for the CEH exam
Take up the exam

Note: CEH is one of the few certifications that professionals can take up after the 12th. It perhaps is the perfect course in IT if you are looking for IT courses for beginners. Professionals taking up CEH certifications would end up making an annual income of $146,000 to $300,000 as a fresher in this field.

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