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Alexandria, Va.– Idealliance, the international association of brands, printers, and technology companies, has recently completed another live instructor-led online training to certify G7 Experts & G7 Professionals. A class of 20, including color and quality control experts, prepress and production technicians, OEMs, and technology suppliers from around the world, attended the five half-days of training and successfully completed the certification exam to become globally recognized G7 Experts & G7 Professionals.

“Idealliance continues to serve the global print and graphic communications supply chain by offering G7 training and certification online via live training to these G7 Experts who align print technology around the world, through the use of the G7 methodology specified by leading brands and print buyers. With G7, the near neutral print consistency maximizes the impacts of leading print technology for visual consistency, regardless of where or how print and packaging is produced. The live online format for training that Idealliance continues to offer serves all supply chain participants and we’re excited to help these individuals grow their capabilities and expertise in their roles ranging from prepress & print production, technology service & development, print buying, as well as creatives, and the brands & print buyers themselves,” said Jordan Gorski, Senior Vice President, Idealliance.

Feedback from these online G7 training courses demonstrates the value to the industry and its participants:

“The training covered everything from the very basics to more advanced tasks. That was even helpful for me as a high level professional to get reminded of the basics, worth it to talk about as not everyone has the same understanding of the whole process.”

“The training content has reinforced my knowledge of color and how it is controlled in a production environment. I can now confidently talk to associates, clients, and more about the different aspects of color and why one will see differences with different mediums and substrates and how, through G7 and GRACoL methodologies, these differences can be better controlled to achieve a shared appearance across all.”

“I feel more prepared for press characterization & profiling efforts. I consider myself fairly well-versed in this area, but I learned things I didn’t know that will help our company be more successful in the future. The (tools) and extensive demonstrations were quite valuable on their own.”

G7 is the industry-leading standard for near-neutral and visual uniformity across all print technology. It aligns the global print supply chain through print alignment specifications and strategies—which reduces production cost and time, maximizing profitability—and print quality and consistency across the entire supply chain.

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