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As individuals, we’re all blessed with a certain set of skills. People have different aptitudes and while some of those skills come naturally to us, most are acquired over time through hard work and dedication. However, simply stating that you have a certain set of skills isn’t enough, especially in industries where roles are increasingly competitive.

This is where certification comes into play. A certificate issued by a trusted authority is testament to a person’s capabilities in a specialist area. For many people, certification really starts quite early; you are awarded certificates as proof that you’ve completed your school, high school, college, and university education. When pursuing employment opportunities in many professions, certification shows that you have proof of your abilities, against a common set of education standards and benchmarks.

The IT sector is one industry that has evolved at a rapid pace and demand for IT professionals in India continues to increase. Indeed, as the backbone of nearly every industry, information technology requires agile assessment tools to keep professionals certified on the very latest advances in their field. People working in IT are having to continually upgrade and update their skills based on the role or project they’re working on at that time. Certifications help IT professionals to verify new skills in specialisms such as networking, cloud computing, project management or security. Leading IT companies deliver high-stakes certification exams via computer-based testing (CBT), in order to test professionals in the most flexible and convenient way. With many professionals pursuing certifications through CBT, let’s look at the value of IT certification, how it can help you to increase your professional profile and get hired by your dream company.

Certifications can kick-start your career

If you’re a fresh IT graduate, looking for a job, or if you’re striving to move forward at the early stages of your career, then a certification from a credible, internationally-recognized provider will give you a competitive edge. Being able to validate your knowledge and skills in your area of interest will significantly improve your chances of getting a job. There is an ever-increasing range of certifications to choose from and which start at even the most basic level, providing you with the opportunity to put your theory into practice. CBT is convenient to test-takers in the IT space; they can take an online practice test and then an exam, when they have studied and are ready to be tested on their skills.

Certifications serve as a bridge between knowledge and skills

Many IT professionals possess theoretical knowledge but aren’t equipped with the tools that help them to implement that knowledge in real-life scenarios. In our most recent ‘Value of IT Certification’ survey, 32.1% of respondents who were employees at the professional/intermediate level (with 3-8 years’ experience) were struggling with gaps in their technical knowledge and they identified certification programs as playing a major role in helping them keep pace with the ever-evolving information technology landscape.

Your specialist knowledge is recognized

While pursuing a certification course, you obtain specialist knowledge around your chosen subject, and this sets you apart from others in your professional field. Personal productivity, efficiency and quality of work were revealed by the survey participants to have increased from earning a new IT certification, with 44% of respondents highlighting these benefits. The emotional benefits of gaining certifications were also evident with the majority of test-takers (67.4%) having greater confidence in their abilities having verified their skills through certification.

Certification helps you tap into new opportunities

Besides boosting your confidence in your abilities and equipping you with new skills that are in high demand, IT certifications also help you to explore new opportunities in a rapidly-changing industry.

Again, the respondents from the survey experienced a range of professional benefits after completing their certification – with over a third (35%) reporting a salary or wage increase and 21% disclosing that they had received a pay rise of 11-20%. 

A certified professional is a relevant professional

Certification has become increasingly relevant in our skills-based economy. Technology that might be causing a buzz today could become obsolete tomorrow and therefore it’s vital for IT professionals to stay updated with the latest changes. Certifications and ‘re-certifications’, therefore, hold tremendous significance. The top global IT companies require their employees to get certified in new areas at regular time intervals to strengthen their technical knowledge and to ensure they are up-to-date with the latest developments and trends in the IT space.

Certification proves that you’re an asset to your organization

Experienced professionals, who have been working in the industry for several years can use certification to prove the value of their position or job function within their organization. Every professional desires job security and by continuing to get certified in new areas, experienced IT professionals can respond to a specific business need within their organization, drive that company forward and therefore prove their value.

Certifications foster personal growth and development

Personal development is perhaps, one of the greatest benefits of certification that often gets overlooked. Getting certified in a certain subject isn’t just a professional decision. The satisfaction of completing a certification course and getting recognized across the industry as a professional qualified in a specific area, is difficult to explain in words.

While promotions, salary increment, and job security might be the tangible benefits of getting certified, certifications also brings to the table some invaluable benefits like motivation, discipline, and commitment that are essential for increasing your professional profile.


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