Leading mWallet Provider Trriple Selects Swrve to Increase Registratio…


SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 06, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Swrve, the leader in real-time, multi-channel customer engagement, today announced Trriple, a UAE-based fintech start-up has selected Swrve to power its next-generation wallet application. Trriple uses Swrve’s precise, real-time microtargeting and triggering engine inside its campaign workflows to increase the number of user transactions and improve customer loyalty.

AI-Driven Multi-Channel Customer Engagement Technology Helps Trriple Compete on a New Level
As one of the top mobile payments companies in the United Arab Emirates, Trriple is dedicated to providing customers with a fast, easy, and safe payments solution. Swrve helps Trriple develop and send business messaging that is relevant and in-the-moment, empowering it to drive merchant usage and increase interaction between Trriple customers and merchants in its payments ecosystem. Furthermore, Swrve powers Trriple’s weekly and monthly raffle marketing campaigns, in both English and Arabic, to increase loyalty and retention.

“Based on live testing conducted in the UAE, Trriple has strengthened its offering by expanding our cash-in and top-up locations, and improved functionality. We are constantly looking for ways to drive more users to our mWallet, and this is where Swrve plays a key role,” said Paolo Gagliardi, CEO, Trriple. “This partnership with Swrve underscores our dedication to providing a matchless solution that will transform the customer experience and loyalty, creating a truly inclusive financial ecosystem for our target audience.”

Swrve 3.0 Extends Reach of Powerful Microtargeting to Mobile, Web, Email and Streaming TV apps
Unlike stand-alone analytics tools, Swrve processes real-time behavioral data from multiple sources, builds audiences, and triggers messaging based on user behavior. Presently, the platform processes 14 billion events daily. With Swrve 3.0, interactions fire automatically — on any channel — the instant targeting and triggering conditions are met. With an all new user interface, marketers can build their own segments and audiences on their own and not rely on their business intelligence teams.

“We are excited to list Trriple among customers leveraging the Swrve mobile marketing automation platform,” says Christopher Dean, CEO, Swrve. “Trriple is an impressive organization in the mobile payments industry and is a blazing trails by interacting with their customers on a level competitors cannot.”

About Swrve
The company provides SaaS-based, real-time marketing automation software to increase customer engagement through dynamic campaigns across mobile, email, web, TV and emerging digital channels.

Digital marketing and product teams use the Swrve platform’s real-time behavioral analysis and machine learning engines to micro-target messages to millions of segments-of-one at scale while triggering those interactions in micro-moments that matter. Swrve collects customer behavior and attributes from its own SDKs and through flexible integration to virtually any external system or data service.

With the Swrve platform and expert marketing and technical services, brands win more customer engagement moments so they can onboard, retain, convert and monetize for lower customer acquisition cost (CAC) and higher customer lifetime value (CLV).

For more information, contact Swrve.

About Trriple
Trriple is a UAE-based start-up offering an innovative mobile wallet application that enables secure and convenient everyday payments while being compliant with UAE regulations.

Trriple mWallet, with the highest accredited certification and security standard in the world for digital payments is a multi-purpose and cross-bank mobile wallet can be conveniently funded via a network of cash-in kiosks as well as by linking bank accounts.

The solution includes a means to store and save money, peer-to-peer transfers, merchant payments, and improved financial control and visibility for individuals, businesses, financial institutions, and Governments.

Please visit www.trriple.com for more information.


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