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Marketing expert, Ayman Kaddoura brings his expertise to the field to help business owners make more sales through his own marketing businesses. Kaddoura has worked in marketing since 2011, gaining experience in expertise in numerous aspects of online marketing. This earned him own successful marketing businesses, the UAE Social.

UAE Social is a company designed to offer businesses with professional marketing services that help them achieve as much impression. His company’s main goal is to help businesses earn more sales, to boost their profits, and ultimately grow their business. Kaddoura is also an expert social media specialist helping clients increase their engagement.

His social media specialty is mainly about helping clients’ improve their Instagram profiles. By improving their social media profiles, clients are able to engage with their customers better and achieve a great impression. Before establishing UAE Social, Kaddoura worked as general manager in My Media Consultancy.

Interview from the Arabian business magazine in Dubai

He directed, promoted, and coordinated the company’s operations in a manner that optimized their market share and savings. He also improved the company’s efficiency and achieving their goals with outstanding results. In UAE Social, Kaddoura promises to offer the same professionalism and competency in helping a wide range of clients, from start-up business owners to established businesses.

UAE Social offers its services to anyone who has decided that they needed professional marketing. Backing up his expertise, Kaddoura holds several certifications. It includes an Advanced Professional Course in Digital Marketing from DigiGYAN Institute of Professional Training. Additionally, the International Telecommunication Union also awarded him an Honor of Service.

Kaddoura also passed the Social Media Marketing Certification Exam in PDIUM. His old company, My Media Consultancy, awarded him as well an Award of Experience for all his good work. All of these are to recognize his expertise and experience as a marketing expert. With UAE Social, he offers his expertise to companies in need of professional assistance.

Regarding his work, he recently had an interview with an Arabian business magazine in Dubai. He talked about the companies he has helped such as Monster Performance and Curve Advertising. Similarly, he has worked with famous signers to help their Instagram profiles, including that of Majid Almohandis. Kaddoura also helped to improve the Instagram profiles of companies such as Dubai Lenses.

Besides improving social media profiles, UAE Social also offers website building services. Kaddoura helped build the website and improved its sales, among several other businesses. UAE Social also offers services including web development, domain and hosting, and graphics design. All of these services helped to improve client sales.

As an expert in online marketing for more than 5 years now, Kaddoura has already helped many clients in the past. He’s an all-around marketing expert ready to provide professional marketing assistance to a wide array of clients. With his own marketing company, Kaddoura makes it even easier for clients to reach and take advantage of his expertise.

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