MSM gets certification for quality of its information security – Oman


The MSM has renewed ISO/27001 certification for the third time in a row after having succeeded in complying with all requirements and standards of ISO/27001 certificate to include all divisions of the IT infrastructure department and systems and development department.

The ISO Quality Assurance Certificate is renewed every three years and verified by Bureau Veritas (BV) each year to ensure that best practices consistent with ISO standards are maintained.

The MSM had been awarded the ISO certificate for the quality of information security in 2011 as the second stock market in the region at the time, where the scope of the certificate was limited to the network and technical support. British company BSI audited the ISO certificate.

After three years, the certificate was renewed in 2014 with the same scope as the certificate for network and technical support section, but with the new ISO/IEC 27001:2013.

After completing all ISO/27001 certification requirements, the MSM expanded the scope of the certificate to include all sections of IT infrastructure, systems and development.


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