Nokia expands Wavence portfolio with new range of indoor/outdoor solut…


Nokia has expanded its portfolio of mobile transport products with the introduction of a new range of indoor and outdoor solutions for Communications Service Providers and enterprises, the company announced on Thursday.

The expanded Nokia Wavence portfolio provides a complete microwave solution for all use cases covering short-haul, long-haul, E-Band, and SDN based management, delivering cost-effective high-capacity ultra-broadband transceivers to support operators with 5G networks.

“These new products further enhance Nokia’s industry-leading Wavence portfolio and highlight our leadership in packet microwave and in both the short-haul and long-haul segment. Wavence’s full-packet architecture and its industry-leading innovations both in E-Band and traditional bands are key to delivering effective 5G mobile transport,” said Giuseppe Targia, VP Mobile Networks Microwave & Custom Solutions Business Unit at Nokia.

The new range includes two compact Split Mount solutions for 5G backhauling enabled by the new MSS-E and MSS-HE indoor units. The compact, cost-optimized units provide high scalability and high throughput and can also handle a wide temperature range – from 40-degrees to 65-degrees Celsius – without fans.

Further, Nokia has launched a full outdoor nodal configuration that includes a new ultra-compact module called a Networking Interface Module (NIM), a flexible, zero-footprint solution that can be used equally for new deployments or upgrades to the installed UBT base.

NIM can be easily plugged onto a standard Ultra-Broadband Transceiver (UBT) to enhance its outdoor capabilities, offering multiple directions, multiple interfaces, and carrier aggregation.

On the security front, the new range of Wavence solutions via enhanced protection via the encryption on 5G microwave radios as well as readiness for FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards) certification and encryption.

Leveraging Nokia Bell Labs innovation, the Nokia Wavence family provides best-in-class microwave in traditional bands (6-42 GHz) and E-Band (80 GHz) as well as maximum efficiency, all thanks to 100% Carrier Aggregation.


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