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Pindad Eyeing Philippine Defense Ministry`s Tank Tender

Prototype of Modern Medium Weight Tank or Kaplan MT of FNSS Turkey and Pindad Indonesia was exhibited at the 13th International Defense Industry Fair (IDEF) in Istanbul, Turkey, May 9-12, 2017.

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – State-owned arms manufacturer PT Pindad is currently participating in Philippines’ open tank procurement auction.

“They’re in need of 44 units, it’s an open tender. Hopefully, we’ll win it,” said Pindad President Director Abraham Mose in Bandung on Wednesday, November 21.

He explained that Pindad is currently offering its medium tank which recently obtained certification from the Defense Ministry. This type of tank is a product of a joint effort between Pindad and Turkey’s FNSS.  

Abraham said that the company invited the Philippine defense ministry to witness the tank’s shooting capabilities. “That is one of the requirements, to come and witness the shooting test in Ciputat,” he explained.

Other countries that will compete with Pindad in the Philippine Defense Ministry’s tender process come mainly outside of ASEAN countries, namely Czechoslovakia and Israel. 



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