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SAN DIEGO, May 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Microgrid 2019 Conference — Today Rhombus Energy Solutions launched its VectorStat® Energy Management System (EMS) software at the MicroGrid 2019 Conference. VectorStat is a state-of-the-art distributed EMS software package that provides unmatched reliability, security and resiliency over a variety of network configurations. VectorStat’s open architecture is also easy to customize and extend, allowing companies to quickly adapt VectorStat to new hardware and network configurations more economically than is possible with competitive solutions.

“Microgrids are becoming more prevalent as a critical part of the overall energy distribution system,” said H.G. Chissell, CEO of Advanced Energy Group, LLC. “One of the greatest challenges with microgrids is the ability to adapt them to new equipment and communications technologies. Energy management system software that can easily incorporate new capabilities and interfaces goes a long way toward eliminating this challenge for both microgrid engineering companies building new systems, and for operators of existing microgrids which want to incorporate new technologies.”

For Energy Storage System (ESS) developers, one of the greatest difficulties is integrating new equipment, interfaces, and features into their management software. Current 3rd party EMS software solutions are proprietary and expensive, and slow time-to-deployment of new equipment within new or existing microgrids. VectorStat’s open, distributed architecture allows new features and open source software to be easily integrated, speeding time-to-market for new solutions, and speeding the time to deploy these new solutions.

“Until today, microgrid and ESS companies have had few choices for energy management system software,” said Rick Sander, CEO at Rhombus Energy Solutions. “They can develop their own software, which often impacts time to market, or utilize one of the proprietary, high-cost third party solutions that was available, and have to live with the equipment and features inherent in that software. VectorStat provides these organizations with a third option that is open and easily modified or extended to meet customer needs.”

For microgrid operators, understanding energy consumption and production of each node is critical to optimal system function. VectorStat ensures that even with lost or intermittent connections, this data is protected and available later when the connection is restored. VectorStat’s distributed database architecture also significantly enhances energy system resilience and reliability by ensuring the functionality of each node even when network connectivity is interrupted. When network connections are re-established, data is replicated across the network across encrypted communications links.

“One of the greatest challenges for companies deploying a third party EMS to manage their energy resources is the ability to update the EMS software to support new needs,” said Joseph Gottlieb, CTO at Rhombus Energy Solutions. “VectorStat’s open architecture eliminates this problem by making the addition of new communications standards and protocols simple. These same attributes also make it easy to add new features to VectorStat, including integrating open source or third party applications. These capabilities helps speed the time to market for energy system developers.”

Rhombus will be showcasing its VectorStat® EMS software at the Microgrid 2019 Conference on May 14th to May 16th, 2019. Rhombus engineers will be present to discuss how VectorStat’s open architecture allows for the rapid and simple addition of new features, functionality, communications interfaces, and supported equipment.

About Rhombus Energy Solutions
Rhombus develops innovative, high efficiency power conversion and energy management systems for energy storage, alternative energy, vehicle charging, microgrid and test equipment applications. Rhombus offers standalone products, power conversion modules, semi-custom configurations as well as contracted product development services and high power certification testing including UL 1741 & IEEE 1547. Rhombus also offers advanced cloud-based data communications with analytics and visualization interfaces. For more information, please visit www.RhombusEnergy.com.

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