Samsung Galaxy M41 Gets 3C Certification; Massive 6800mAh Battery Tipp…



Samsung is expected to launch a bunch of smartphones in its affordable Galaxy M series. The Galaxy M41 is said to be amongst one of the upcoming launches. The device was said to launch this year, but some reports suggested its arrival was canceled due to some display issues. Now, the device has cleared its certification which reveals the battery specification.

Samsung Galaxy M41 Gets 3C Certification With Massive 6800mAh Battery

Samsung Galaxy M41 Certification Details

The Samsung Galaxy M41 has been spotted at the 3C mobile authentication website. As per the database, the upcoming device will feature a battery with the EB-BM415ABY model number. The images of the battery have also surfaced on the Safety Korea website.

As per the leaked image, this battery has a rated capacity of 6800 mAh battery. Some reports suggest that the EB-BM415ABY is being manufactured by Ningde Amperex Technology Limited which is a Chinese brand. We haven’t seen any smartphone with such a big battery capacity in the mid-range or the affordable segment recently.

So this would definitely give the Galaxy M41 an edge over its rivals; specifically, the Chinese counterparts who have been dominating the affordable segment for long now. There has been no official confirmation on this as of now. So, it remains to be seen if the device indeed is packed with such a massive battery unit.

As we mentioned earlier its launch was canceled last month owing to some display issues. The reason stated was the failure of the outsourced display panels from China in the quality tests. The details on its arrival have been at large since then.

Not much has been tipped regarding its hardware as well. And it was rumored that the company could rather launch the Galaxy M51 for the masses. But, with the Galaxy M41 getting certified, it could be a possibility that the company is back to its production.

It would be interesting to see if the company adds any other unique feature to the upcoming model, or the battery would be its only key highlight. We will have to wait until some more authentic details surface online.


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