Sound Institute rolls out new AoIP training course


Calrec’s newly launched Sound Institute has launched a new audio over IP course for audio professionals

Professional audio specialist Calrec has launched an audio over IP (AoIP) training course as part of its newly launched Sound Institute, which went live in August.

The new training course offers “a comprehensive understanding of AoIP, from basic concepts to advanced practices”. There are seven online sessions in total, the first four of which are now available online.

Dave Sampson, Calrec’s IP network specialist and course lead, explained, “After a great recent launch of our Sound Institute with more than 650 students having enrolled to take a Calrec certified course across our Brio and Type R products, now we’ve added comprehensive AoIP training,” he said.

“This certified series helps broadcast and audio professionals master or refresh their AoIP knowledge. Our goal with this certification is to give broadcasters a comprehensive understanding of not only the value of AoIP but the details of how it works, implementation and day-to-day use. One of the key aspects is understanding intelligent network design, something that Calrec has gained great experience of via real-world customer deployments.”

New training videos are released on a weekly basis and cover topics such as networking, multicast through to PTP and the importance of intelligent network design.


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