St. Mary’s Graduate Finds Mission and Purpose through Cybersecurity Pr…


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“I’m kind of a geek, a big gamer,” said St. Mary’s University alumnus Mark Maldonado with a smile. “Every week, my kids, some friends, and I play Dungeons & Dragons.”  

Wearing blue jeans and a graphic T-shirt depicting the 1985 film The Goonies, the United States Department of Defense employee admitted to dressing like that for work. 

Though Maldonado’s personality is laid back, he recently completed some serious work while a graduate student at St. Mary’s University. With the help of a Master of Science in Cybersecurity from St. Mary’s, which he earned in May 2019, Maldonado morphed into an entrepreneur and cybersecurity expert who has built a system to protect children from browsing adult content online.

St. Mary’s University cybersecurity master’s program graduates students with skills and purpose.


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