Togo: Youth Competency Development Center launches top-class certifica…


(Togo First) – Youth Competency Development Center (Youth CDC), launched its Certificate in Development of Innovation Companies (CDIC) in Togo.

According to the press statement that disclosed the information, the top-class certification is a reference tool that will enable the recognition of people with the potential to create, lead or work in a start-up. It will help tackle various entrepreneurship-related challenges, the statement further indicates.

To tackle youth unemployment, entrepreneurship is, for States, one of the most reliable alternative. However, this alternative deals with many obstacles ; first being early financing and another being a poor understanding of markets or distribution channels.

The CDIC, once recognized in Togo, would help overcome this situation. To get it, one would have to enroll for a Youth CDC acceleration program, which is sponsored by promoters and partners such as the National Agency for Employment (ANPE), Kusuntu Partners or Afric’innov.

Under the program, students, entrepreneurs or chiefs of SMEs, will get top-class trainings over three months, the statement reveals, highlighting that the trainings “will focus on issues such as fundraising, digital marketing, business strategy and business law”.   

Youth CDC fights youth unemployment in Africa by promoting entrepreneurship. Any person interested in its acceleration program can register online at the following address:


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