Top 10 2021 Job Market Predictions in Legal Technology


Multi-ethnic applicants sitting in queue preparing for interview, black and white vacancy candidates waiting on chairs holding resume using smartphones, human resources, hiring and job search concept Image by fizkes/Shutterstock

The pandemic is not over, and 2021 will bear the burden of much of the trending experienced in 2020. One thing will be very different: Companies and law firms are back to hiring legal technologists with the regularity and ferocity seen before the pandemic. Some verticals (namely data privacy and protection and e-discovery) are going to produce greater volumes of jobs in 2021 than other areas, which will struggle for either budget (legal operations) or available talent (business development). Our predictions for the 2021 legal technology job market speak not only to the evolving ecosystem of employment opportunities within legal technology but also to how the community’s approach to interviewing and staff selection will adapt and change because of the pandemic—now, and in some cases, forever.


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