VeChain partners with Blue Bite to facilitate product safety


  • Blue Bite integrates VeChain’s infrastructure to give its users secure access to NFC-labeled products.
  • VeChain enhances Blue Bites’ products by certifying sustainability.

In a blog post, Blue Bite has announced its partnership with VeChain. The partners’ objective is to remove friction when trying to secure products on a blockchain. Therefore, the company will offer a “simple and direct” service based on the Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform of VeChain, the ToolChain. Within the announcement, Blue Bite highlights VeChain’s standardization, payment flexibility and low cost. Furthermore, it emphasizes that its the solution is easy to implement by businesses in any sector:

With VeChain ToolChain (TM), any sized business, no matter how large or small, can utilize blockchain technology to further enhance brand perception and value as well as to expand into new business models using immutable data.

Blue Bite further recognizes that VeChain’s platform also offers an immutable record in which data related to a product is stored including its location attributes, life cycle management, control process, data certification, and certification process.

VeChain integration will help to certify products

Blue Bite offers its users a platform to digitize these products. Therefore, they claim that they can combine their “easy-to-use” interface with VeChain’s infrastructure to become a gateway for their users to access the secure blockchain. The integration process works as follows:

Blue Bite transforms products into digital platforms using connecting technologies. This often takes the form of NFC tags embedded into products that consumers access by scanning the tags with their phones. Other connecting points may be RFID tags accessible by specific readers throughout the supply chain.

Users only need to utilize Blue Bite’s interface to scan the tags. That way, a company can be certified as part of certain initiatives. For example, the creation of environmentally sustainable products. VeChain’s solution allows users to access information on the manufacturing phase, recycling materials, among others. The certificates are registered on the blockchain VeChainThor.

Furthermore, Blue Bite has added the following about the implementation of its interface for a shoe company:

This is all accessible by the consumer through an NFC tag embedded into the tongue of the shoe. By tapping the tag with a phone, the Blue Bite-powered digital experience provides the consumer access to view the secure record with the certificate. This provides peace of mind that their shoes are indeed made of 100% recycled materials.


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