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Most businesses in the world rely on networking and Internet capabilities. With it, networking is an important aspect especially when it comes to communication, data transfer and connectivity.

To cover these needs, CompTIA Network+ Dumps comes as one of the technology corporations that has spearheaded inventions and innovations through a professional certification process. CompTIA certifications are offered to professionals in four distinct areas:

  • Core Certifications
  • Infrastructure Certifications
  • Cybersecurity Certifications
  • Additional Professional Certifications

Specifically, looking carefully at the CompTIA Network+, we can see that this badge falls on the core certification category. It is geared towards professionals who have gained at least 9 months of networking experience together with the previous-level CompTIA A+ certification. This valid credential ensures that the aimed specialist has the knowledge and skills in:

  • Design and implementation of functional networks
  • Configuring, maintaining, and managing network devices
  • Using network gadgets to create and segment network traffic
  • Identifying cons and pros of existing network design
  • Providing solutions to network problems
  • Supporting creation and implementation of virtual networks in an organization

In order to earn this credential, you will be required to pass N10-007 exam that covers the security concepts, Cloud computing, hardware and virtualization techniques. Here are the key features you should expect to encounter in N10-007 test:

  • Total number of questions: 90
  • Questions types: performance-based, multiple-choice, drag and drops
  • Exam duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Candidates are required to attain a minimum score of 720 out of possible 900 points
  • Price set is $319

Currently, there are two giants in the networking industry, CompTIA and Cisco. If you are looking forward to building a career in networking, then you must choose a vendor that equips you with the appropriate skills compliant to your propensities and expertise.

Sincerely, CompTIA Network+ is worth gaining being an absolutely unsurpassed badge, and here’s why.

Benefits of Getting CompTIA Network+ Certification

  • More Generic Coverage of Concepts

Unlike Cisco’s certification deep field of networking,CompTIA credential is more generic by analyzing the key areas that can make a network enterprise system efficient. This is because the CompTIA’s badge covers all the networking concepts in one certification, unlike Cisco’s CCNA R&S badge that covers the particular routing and switching technologies.As a result, the single CompTIA Network+ certification proposes you a broader view on the issues of networking unlike Cisco.

When it comes to getting certified, you need to choose a certifying route that is more adapted to your needs. Taking the Cisco networking track consists of several certification exams that test your networking skills. They comprise two options like acing the CCNA R&S composite exam, or choosing to pass two tests, ICND1 and ICND2 encompassing the same topics and subjects.

Herewith, through taking the CompTIA Network+ credential, you will need to pass only N10-007 exam to be certified. Therefore, CompTIA Network+ gives you more elasticity during preparation and the main exam period.

This is the most precious point as with the CompTIA Network+ credential, you will acquire the skills that are always valid regardless of the technology concerned. At thesame time, Cisco certifications are produced as vendor-specific meaning that you acquire the knowledge and skills tailored to certain technologies and, therefore, your expertise will always be limited to several domains that are relevant only for Cisco networking procedures.

One main thing about getting certified is increasing your chances of being employed and winning contracts. Well, Cisco certifications may reduce your opportunities of getting hired because of your narrowly – oriented skills in Cisco technologies, at the same time you may become a professional in a particular sphere, having specific technology proficiency under your belt.

At the same time, the CompTIA Network+ certification introduces you to the world full of opportunities as you will always be relevant to any networking job that come ahead. Just imagine how easy you can build a career within such top companies like Apple, Canon, Intel, Ricoh, DELL, and Hewlett Packard.

  • Enhanced Salary and Great Prospects

Although the CCNA R&S credentialis associated with high salaries, CompTIA Network+ professionals are leading. This is because N10-007 exam covers both security and Cloud computing skills which are highly in-demand in the networking industry. This means that you can take various job roles associated with both networking and security as well as Cloud computing.

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Career Prospects

Here are some of the job roles you can apply on upon getting certified:

  • Network Analyst
  • Network Engineer
  • System Engineer

According to PayScale.com, the CompTIA Network+ certified professionals earn an annual basic salary that ranges from $45,000 up to $63,000 per year.


There are several ways of getting the right skills for your career. Thepowerful one is going through a certification process relevant to your area of expertise. So, when searching for the best vendor to rely on, it is prudent to consider the key features shared in this article.

Looking back, the CompTIA Network+ certification is the most perspective for networking professionals as it covers the broad area of the necessary skills one should possess. It is thus a great certification that introduces ambitious specialists to the world of opportunities with this industry-standard certification and productive practice tests to benefit from!


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