Workshop for MSMEs on ‘Impact of Certification and standards on Produc…



Workshop for MSMEs on ‘Impact of Certification and standards on Product design and quality’ conducted

Nagpur, Nov 7 (KNN) Targeting Nagpur’s electronic sector companies, which aim high in terms of standardization, MIDC Industries Association (MIA) and Electronic Association recently conducted a  workshop on ‘Impact of Certification and standards on Product design and quality’.

The two-day workshop was organised with the support from GIZ and MIA under MSME INNO Project of GIZ and Ministry of MSME, New Delhi.

Nagpur has numerous IT and Electronic companies which focus on high standard.

”The Electronics Association Nagpur is emerging as an active forum helping each other in resource sharing, knowledge exchange. They are also collaborating with each other to take advantage of each other’s strength and entering in new markets with more applications and more business.

To facilitate this upgrade in Electronics industries in Nagpur, the first and most critical step is to make local products compliant with National and International standards. This will help them to compete with national and international players and create a gateway to the world market,” said an Expert addressing the workshop.

He further said that as the electronics industry is the most technology and market sensitive, this has made MSME Entrepreneurship very challenging with constant change due to demand and technology improvements.

”The technical advancements and competitiveness have made the Association of Electronics Industries in Nagpur realize that unless products are made to National and International Standards, these small companies cannot grow big and the future is uncertain,” the expert added.

Ashish Mathur from UL, India, the Indian arm of US based Global UL agency, visited local industries along with Ajit Karandikar from Karandikar Labs.

Mathur and Karandikar guided the entrepreneurs and engineers from electronics industries on various aspects of standards and certification requirements.

They also gave very good insights of applicable standards and certification procedures with respect to the product and its application.

Chief Guest of the event, PM Parlewar, Director, MSME DI, Nagpur addressed the gathering and gave assurances on continued support and guidance while MIA President, CG Shegaonkar also addressed the gathering and extended his valuable support.

Sarabjot Singh Saini, Technology Expert, GIZ, deliberated on different programmes that GIZ run for the MSMEs and BMOs with the support of Ministry of MSME.

Apart from above dignitaries, Dr. Ravindra Aher, Consultant, GIZ  was also present at the event.

Electronics Association is a networking platform for the electronics community in Nagpur involving industries, start-ups and academic institutions.

This event created a lot of awareness and zeal among them to take this initiative to the next level.

According to the organizers, more such events are also in the pipeline for the electronics industry which will enable them to diversify and grow to their fullest potential.


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