All You Need to Know About Six Sigma Black Belt Certification


Six Sigma is one of the most famous techniques in the world for process improvements. It was developed by Bill Smith and ever since then has been used in numerous industries all around the world. This is one certificate all the professionals in different fields of work can apply for and get to enhance their skill sets.

Having this certification in your resume can give you an edge over the other people in the business. This is given for various skill levels. It starts from the Yellow Belt, goes to Green Belt, Black Belt, and Master Black Belt.

In this article, we will talk about Six Sigma Black Belt Certification which is one of the highest skills confirmations provided to the professionals. It should be noted that there is no governing body that provides this confirmation and hence there are numerous organizations that have their own version of this confirmation.

We will be discussing all about Six Sigma Black Belt Certification and will also try to understand the career opportunities and the advantages of this certificate in this article.

What Is Six Sigma Black Belt Certification?

It is one of the four confirmations that is given to the professionals with the high understanding and the knowledge of the ability and principles that will be used in applying the knowledge in improving the business competitiveness and function. It can give your career a boost and make you eligible for some of the highest positions in the company.

How Can You Get Six Sigma Black Belt Certified?

The candidates need to enroll for the confirmation after checking all the prerequisites. After this, the candidates have to receive full time or online training as per the Black Belt course specified by the training body. After this, the candidate will have to sit for the exam and score a minimum percentage to pass the exam. The minimum percentage is decided by everybody differently. The exam usually has 150 questions that have to be solved in less than 4 hours. Some of the most famous certification bodies include the International Association for Six Sigma Certification, American Society for Quality and International Quality Federation. The candidate can get certified anywhere. However, it is important to check the legality of the organization.

What Are Career Perspectives?

With Six Sigma Black Belt Certification, you can have a lot of different career opportunities. With this, you will be eligible for all the high posts in any company. These posts include project manager, quality manager, Operations Manager, Process Improvement Manager, and Quality Assurance Manager.

Apart from having so many job opportunities, there are other advantages for your career. They are given below:

Useful Across Industries

Six Sigma Black Belt Certification is useful across industries. Since the strategies that you learn in this certification are same all across different places in the world, it can land you with jobs in most of the industries. The six sigma certified professionals are in high demand in most of the industries including, IT, food and health, automobile and much more.

Salary Raise

It has been found out that the people with Six Sigma Black Belt certification have a much higher salary than the ones who do not have the certification. This means that the people who do not have it will be paid much lesser than you. Additionally, you will be considered for higher positions in the company since your problem-solving skills will be much better than the other people in the company or the industry.

Enhanced Leadership Abilities

With the knowledge that you gain while preparing for Six Sigma Black Belt certification will provide you with better skills. This will give you a better ability to solve the problems and look at the problems in a different perspective. Hence with experience, you will gain better leadership abilities and will be able to lead a team from your company.

Experience Gained Is Useful

The experience you gain during the preparation for this certification or in the training for this will be extremely useful in your present work endeavors as well as your past work endeavors.

These are some of the most common career advantages that you will get from Six Sigma Black Belt certification.

What Are the Advantages?

Apart from the career advantages, there are some advantages that the company will get from its Six Sigma Black Belt Certified employees. The certificate is not only useful for the professional but also for the company. Here is how you can benefit your company with Six Sigma Black Belt certification.

  • Helps the Professional in Eliminating Organizational Errors.
  • Helps Organization in Compliance with International Standards.
  • Reach and Sustain Quality Improvements in The Business Processes.

Apart from these, there can be many other advantages that differ from company to company and from professional to professional.

Who Can Apply for The Certification?

Since each confirmation body has different prerequisites for Six Sigma Black Belt certification. The candidate needs to have their basic education degree including the high school or equivalent degrees. The candidate can or cannot be Green Belt Certified. The candidate should have a thorough understanding of the DMAIC model in accordance with the Six Sigma principles. Fundamental knowledge of the Lean enterprise concepts is also important to give the certification exam.


According to, Sigma Black Belt certification is a necessity for all the people who want to excel as a manager and want to aim for the higher posts in the companies in the different kinds of industries. With the course that you will be studying for this certification exam will give you extreme knowledge and experience in the field that you will be able to easily manage your companies’ problems. It is important to note that you should always check for the legal confirmation of the company that is providing you with Six Sigma Black Belt certification. If you want to avoid getting fooled, you should sit for the certification exams provided by known companies only.


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