Businessgateways hosts roadshow for JSRS certification – Oman


Emphasising the strength of interest in the platform, more than 140 executives representing Oman’s Oil and Gas operators, main contractors and Omani SMEs attended the event.

The Joint Supplier Registration System (JSRS) is a ‘single window’ industry level supplier certification system initiated by Oman Ministry of Oil & Gas that is built and operated by businessgateways hosted on the portal Suppliers of products and services must mandatorily be JSRS Certified in order to bid for tenders floated by any of Oman’s Oil and Gas Operators. The JSRS popularity as a credible procurement platform has also seen the formation of the Buyers Community which consists of large corporate buyers from other industries also, who now use the JSRS Certified suppliers for their regular procurement. Since the project initiation in 2014, the JSRS has attracted more than 7,000 suppliers who are certified so far from Oman and 90+ countries.

The JSRS Roadshow conducted by businessgateways was aimed in particular to highlight the opportunities for JSRS-certified Omani SMEs who stand to benefit from a percentage of the value of contracts exclusively earmarked for small businesses under the Ministry of Oil & Gas In-Country Value (ICV) programme. ICV eligible firms also enjoy a pronounced visibility and opportunity in the Contracts engaged by the Main Contractors as part of the supply chain process. The success of the ICV programme in fuelling SME development in the Oil & Gas industry has prompted other industrial and economic sectors to embrace this initiative as well.

The highlight of the roadshow was a presentation by Petroleum Development Oman (PDO), Oman’s leading Oil and Gas operator, on the advantages associated with JSRS certification. Targeted primarily at the main contractors of the Oil and Gas industry, the presentation detailed the benefits accruing to JSRS Certified Omani firms through Oman’s ICV initiative, using the newly introduced JSRS Contracts Management System.

Suppliers were also encouraged to regularly update their business profiles including their products and services, in order to ensure their compliance and participation in opportunities floated by the operators and main contractors. The JSRS Roadshow is the latest in a series of interactions organised by businessgateways to actively engage with the Oman’s supplier community with the aim of driving home the paramount importance of being JSRS Certified, as a prerequisite for bidding for supply and service contracts.


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