Cybersecurity For Website: Main Tips to Follow


Cybersecurity is the set of measures to protect information networks, applications, and devices from unauthorized access by third parties (intruders) that is fraught with such risks as data theft, phishing, hijacking, malicious redirects, etc., as well as to be sure that your information system (in our case, the website) is fully and correctly functioning.

Since today every (well, almost every!) business has moved online, is quite important that the websites, including those created using CMS or website builders are protected.

Now we will tell you about the factors affecting the security of sites and even show you how you can create a website for free and be sure that it is protected!

1.   Why is website security so important?

If your site has been hacked, the attacker has extensive opportunities:

  • stealing your customer base, their funds, and resources (virtual currency, reward points, and bonuses);
  • infecting visitors’ computers with malicious software;
  • posting unauthorized advertisements on the website;
  • selling access to the website’s control panel;
  • arranging phishing mailings, etc.

2.   Security issues: why is a website builder better than a CMS?

When using free CMS, you need to choose hosting yourself, install updates, take care of the security of the project:

  • most popular CMS (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.) offer out-of-the-box solutions that have a very poor set of site protection tools;
  • besides, when installing the CMS, its free components (themes and plugins) are often installed without your permission. These elements leave additional “loopholes” for attackers to hack your website;
  • besides, the attackers may hack the CMS itself (according to reports, in 2016, 74% of hacked websites were running on WordPress, 17% were running on Joomla and 6% were running on Magento CMS);
  • finally, regular and timely CMS updates fix many vulnerabilities, but not all platforms release updates often enough.

According to the research results, the security of sites using free CMS is on average four times lower than that of sites created using paid solutions.

Website builders offer a higher level of website security: the team itself is responsible for data protection against attacks, site performance, templates, integrations, etc. You can even buy and connect a domain in the control panel without visiting other sites. Moreover, you can always contact technical support if you face some difficulties.

Of course, quality costs some money. But today, you can even find site builders that offer basic, high-level security measures for absolutely free.

One of such platforms is Weblium site builder. Have a look at what it offers for free.

3.   Why Weblium is a reliable solution?

The main factors affecting the security of a site created using the site builder are the reliability of the server (hosting) and an SSL certificate:

  • Server (hosting) security:

Hacking can also happen due to hosting provider’s fail. But today, this is quite a rare situation among large hosters, so we recommend using their services rather than those that small unknown providers offer.

Most often, the cost of hosting is already included in the price of the website builder plan, and you do not need to order it separately.

Focused on building reliable sites for small businesses, Weblium offers Google Cloud hosting for all sites – even for the free ones!

This is one of the most reliable hosting services today: the company has its own security model which is currently securing Gmail, YouTube, and other famous products.

  • SSL certificate and HTTPS:

An SSL certificate is a means of protecting users’ personal information (accounts login information and passwords, credit card data, email addresses, etc.) on the Web.

If the site has an SSL-certificate, all data exchanged between the web-browser and the server is transmitted over the secure HTTPS protocol (introduced by Google in January 2020).

Visiting such websites, you’ll see a green lock icon and HTTPS protocol inscription in the browser address bar.

Why having an SSL certificate is so important for business websites:

  • SSL certificate provides a secure connection and avoids sanctions from browsers;
  • adds weight to the search ranking of a site and affects the growth of search traffic;
  • builds trust and reduces the bounce rate.

Note that every website (even the free ones!) you make using Weblium has an SSL certificate.

The high degree of security of websites created with Weblium is just one of the advantages of using this progressive website builder.

Professional templates, an intuitive editor, advanced design customization options, a virtual AI assistant – all this makes Weblium the best choice for small businesses among modern website builders.


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