Danelec’s eService Platform goes live – Digital Ship

Danelec has announced that the latest step in its mission to digitalise Danelec VDR operations and maintenance is now live.

Danelec reports that the Danelec eService Platform is a natural extension of its ongoing drive to continually improve the VDR service process and increase efficiency for its customers.

The platform is designed to optimise VDR Installation Performance Tests (IPT) and Annual Performance Tests (APT) by providing more visibility for users. When logged in, the registered owner, operator, manager or technical manager of a vessel will be presented with an overview of the status of APTs and will be able to quickly see which VDRs are due to be tested. This helps to plan accordingly for re-certification, including contacting Danelec Service Network Partners in time.

Danelec has provided the ability to gain detailed insight and information related to its VDRs installed on vessels due to a clear demand from the market for increased transparency and round the clock information and service. Danelec has been running a series of pilot tests and has been in close dialogue with VDR users over the last few months.

Danelec reports that feedback from the market about the new platform has been overwhelmingly positive.

Automatic notifications

While providing easy access to VDR status information, the Danelec eService Platform also automates some aspects to help streamline the VDR testing process, including automatic notifications by email when a new IPT or APT has been submitted for review. This allows the user to see the status of the review process and once released, the IPT and APT certificates will be made available for download.

The eService Platform builds on the launch of the Danelec APT Tool and the company’s Partner Site in 2012, which provides access to vital information, documentation and certification proof. This was followed by the release of the Danelec Photo App, which added further efficiencies by helping technicians with step-by-step guides.

Danelec continues to add new VDR maintenance and testing features with the next step set to be improved remote access using a unique solution it is developing with TeamViewer. The new solution will release this year, and has already been trialled by several customers, including Cypriot ship management company, Interorient.

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