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The First Certified Private Primary Clinic in South Jakarta

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Dec. 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Mayapada Clinic, which is part of Mayapada Healthcare, has accomplished Plenary Level Passed Certification from the First Level Health Facilities Accreditation Commission (FKTP- Fasilitas Kesehatan Tingkat Pertama) from Ministry of Health, Indonesia. Mayapada Clinic is the first Private Primary Clinic in South Jakarta that has met the Primary Clinic health service standards set by the Ministry of Health, Indonesia.

dr. Kevin Gilbert, Medical Director Mayapada Clinic and drg. Tritarayati ,SH, MHKes, Head of The Accrediation Surveyor Team

The First Level Health Facility Accreditation (FKTP- Fasilitas Kesehatan Tingkat Pertama) is carried out by an independent institution authorized by the Ministry of Health, Republic of Indonesia which aims to foster quality & performance improvement throughout continuous effort by improving the management system, quality management system and clinical management system and the application of risk management. The assessment is carried out through an accreditation survey conducted by the surveyor team in accordance with predetermined criteria, which includes clinical leadership and management as well as clinical services.

Jonathan Tahir, CEO of Mayapada Healthcare said, “We are very proud with this accomplishment and hopes with this achievement, it will make us more passionate to provide the best health services for all patient every day. All Indonesian deserves to get a quality and safe health services that are promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative. Clinic as one of the gate keepers in providing clinical service must be able to provide a safe and quality first-rate clinical service.”

Dr. Muhammad Helmi, MM; Head of the South Jakarta Office of Health (KASUDINKES) said, “We are pleased with the achievement of Mayapada Clinic as the first private Primary Clinic in South Jakarta that has passed the Plenary level accreditation. We hope that this achievement will serves as the model for other private clinics so that all levels of Indonesian society get evenly distributed quality and standard health services in Indonesia. “

Mayapada Clinic is a Primary Clinic health service that consists of 3 integrated parts, they are: general practitioners & dental (dental), laboratory and pharmacy (pharmacy). In addition, Mayapada Clinic also serves primary and secondary medical check-up in every existing branch. All Mayapada Clinic branches also part of BPJS First Level Health Facilities to support government programs and have worked with various health insurance partners in Indonesia.

About Mayapada Healthcare 

Mayapada Healthcare is one of the business pillars within the Mayapada Group (which was founded by Dato ‘Sri Prof. Dr. Tahir in 1986). Mayapada Healthcare has of 4 Mayapada Hospitals, 3 Mayapada Clinics and Mayapada Nursing Academy. The Hospitals are located in Tangerang, South Jakarta, Bogor and Kuningan-Rasuna Said (early 2020). Mayapada Hospital has been accredited to pass PARIPURNA by KARS in 2018 and received a BKKBN award. It has operated 11 (eleven) Centers of Excellences, which include: Neuroscience Center, Uro-Nephrology Center, Cardiocascular Center, Gastrohepatology Center, Oncology Center, Orthopedic Center, Obstetrics & Gynecology Center , Immunology & Pulmonology and Internal Medicine Center, Pediatric Center, Polyclinic 1 (Dermato Aesthetic Center) & Polyclinic 2 (Eye Specialist, ENT, Clinical Nutrition, Andrology and Mental Health).

About Mayapada Clinic

Mayapada Clinic is part of Mayapada Healthcare. Established in 2015, under PT Mayapada Clinic Pratama, built close to the office, apartment and campus community, Mayapada Clinic commits to provide the best service for the community around the clinic area. Mayapada Clinic which is an integral part of Mayapada Hospital, receives support for an advanced level of treatment and more intensive care. Currently, Mayapada Clinic has 3 locations, namely in Mayapada Tower 2, Ruko Central Park, and Ruko Mall Tangcity. Official IG @mayapadaclinic.

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