Nature’s Pride take steps towards more responsible water use together …


Nature’s Pride has taken steps regarding responsible water use, on both the cultivation and purchasing sides. This is reflected in a number of growers obtaining the SPRING water certification, as well as Nature’s Pride purchasers successfully completing the training programme ‘Water in Procurement Strategy’. This is how Nature’s Pride is collaborating with both sides of the value chain to encourage responsible water use throughout it.

In countries of origin, e.g. Peru, Chile, Spain, Colombia, and Kenya, a number of growers have obtained the SPRING water certification, the new water module from GLOBALG.A.P. Many other growers have participated in the SPRING webinars that Nature’s Pride and GLOBALG.A.P. have organized together in recent weeks in preparation for the audit. The SPRING add-on independently confirms the legality of water and best practices.

The first group of buyers at Nature’s Pride has successfully completed the training ‘Water in Procurement Strategy’, which the company developed in collaboration with water experts Good Stuff International. During this five-month online course, purchasers are trained in key water-related topics, such as the newly developed Water Protocol, which explains how water is included in purchasing decisions.

Nature’s Pride believes it is important to encourage sensible use of water throughout the chain. The company has been proactively working for three years now on achieving a better understanding of how water is managed within its chain and where this can be improved. Nature’s Pride has made this process a reality in the form of a water policy in which the certifications are an important part.

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