V.Group reinvents fleet management for performance improvements


V.Group reinvents fleet management for performance improvements
V.Group managers can monitor vessel status and analyse performance in the Fleet Cell as a team

Innovations in technical shipmanagement can deliver improvements in operational performance and reductions in operating costs.

V.Group has already improved its key performance indicators (KPIs) for procurement, certification, defect reporting and applying best working practices within a fleet of 17 vessels.

This uses its Fleet Cell of the Future prototype for technical management and marine support services.

V.Group has been running a testbed of this Fleet Cell model, which involves a shift away from single-user focus to full-team problem-solving.

It has found that Fleet Cell is open to new approaches and technology and has quicker communication and recall of data between shipmanagers and crew on board ships within the cell.

V.Group said there were more innovation initiatives in the pipeline, and potential innovative partnerships.

V.Group director of strategy, innovation and transformation Jon Key said this fleet management transformation is about providing better communications for shipowners, managers and crew.

We are looking at how people talk to each other, work together, and solve problems for our customers as a team,” he said. It has introduced daily meetings and provided everyone in the cell the permission and responsibility to solve problems.

“It is about changing our workflows and empowering everyone on the team to try new things and seeing if they make a difference to the results we deliver for our clients,” said Mr Key. This strategy means V.Group can maximise the value of any new technology it adopts.

“We do not adopt new technology for its own sake, but only once it’s proven that it’s effective,” he added.

V.Group’s Fleet Cell incorporates multiple high-definition screens displaying vessel status, performance and positioning data for managers to analyse.


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