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Congratulations to our 18 sales leaders who pass the RES Forum Accreditation, the industry benchmark in taking HR and Global Mobility professionals beyond the basics of global mobility management and allowing them to demonstrate their understanding of mobility and HR concepts in practice.

The course examines mobility from the assignee perspective and is designed for in-house global mobility and HR support functions, in-house shared HR service centres and international relocation services suppliers with a clear focus on understanding of the employee experience, as well as technical areas of compensation and compliance. In addition, it provides a cost-effective solution for specialist subject training on the complex area of global mobility.

The course includes:

+ 6 weeks learning period where participants navigate through the RES Forum platform, completing the learning modules and necessary tasks;
+ Interactive check-in session where participants can ask questions and receive guidance from RES Forum partners / additional content drops and tutorial;
+ Case study: each participant has to work on a presentation which is evaluated by RES Forum partners for the Accreditation process.

Upon completion of the course and the assessment, our sales leaders have enhanced their understanding of the relocating employee throughout the Global Mobility processes, improved overall skills, technical knowledge and best practices and for vendors in the mobility value chain, better understanding of the voice of the customer, to help improve client relationships.

The Santa Fe Relocation leaders who receive the certification are: Priti Lilwa, Raj Sethi, Sancia Yan, Kelvin Tan, Jenda Langmaak, Roeland Keppens, Charles Pirat, Anne-Carole Zaquin, Michael Burnett, Joost Schramme,Begoña Burillo, Valeria Locatelli, Douglas Pinto, Aki Amde, Andrea Demy, Noemie Bruel, Trevor Ford and Alistair Hunt.

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