Exterminators Celebrates 20 Years in Business and 5 Years CarbonNeutra…


From left to right: Sajeewa Ranasinghe, Senior Associate/Sustainability Solutions  – SFG; Ruwanthi Halwala, Project Lead/Client Relationship Management – CCC; Dhishna Bastiansz, Head of Operations – SFG; Lakmini Senadheera, Manager/Sustainability Assurance & Advisory Services – SFG; Travis Fererrira, Managing Director – The Exterminators; Shehani De Waas, Business Development manager – The Exterminators; Syamika Nilangani, Finance & HR Executive – The Exterminators; Sivasenthil Murugathasan, Technical Manager – The Exterminators

Commemorating their 20-year anniversary, Exterminators (Pvt) Limited, Asia’s first and only CarbonNeutral®Pest ManagementCompany renewed their commitment to sustainability for a 5th consecutive year. 

For 20 years,The Exterminators has been setting benchmarks within their industry and the SME sector in Sri Lanka and the region by winning many local and international accolades for business, brand, industrial excellence and entrepreneurship. The company is the first Pest Management Company in Sri Lanka to have received ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015andOHSAS 18001:2007 certifications. The ‘Smart Missile’ invented by The Exterminators also won the title of world’s firsttermite station to be certified CarbonNeutral®.

The CarbonNeutral® certification was awarded by The Sustainable Future Group (SFG), regional verification and certification partner of Natural Capital Partners of the UK – the developer of The CarbonNeutral Protocol. The certification process involved an extensive analysis of the client’sGreenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions andsubsequent investmentin a local Renewable EnergyProjectin return for registered Carbon Credits to offset their organizational Carbon Footprint.The Exterminatorshad partnered withThe Carbon Consulting Company (CCC) – South Asia’s leading provider of integrated sustainability solutions–to accuratelymeasure, manage and reduce their GHG emissions annually.

CEO of CCC, Sanith De S. Wijeyeratne,stated, “We are proud to have been working with The Exterminators for the past 5 years on their sustainability journey, andwe congratulate Marlon and his team on their noteworthy accomplishments. They have adopted a proactive approach in their carbon management strategies and in the communication of their CarbonNeutral® ccertification to their clients and the public. The Exterminators are a good example of how sustainability can helpreduce bottom line costs and enhance brand reputation, all the while helping towards tackling the global issue of climate change.”

Commenting on the occasion, Marlon Ferreira, CEO/Founder of Exterminators, remarked “The past twenty years have been extraordinary for Exterminators in terms of business and sustainability. Businesses today are expected to be less harmful, more transparent and to actively participate in making positive changes to improve the environment. On a deeply personal level and as people with great respect for the environment, we believe it is our moral obligation to improve The Exterminators’ sustainability practices, to do our part to protect the planet. We have forged partnerships with international bodies and have maintained our status as Asia’sonly CarbonNeutral®Pest Management Company. Our philosophy is to care about people and the planet, to do the right thing and do it well even though it is hard. All our accreditations and certifications, including CarbonNeutral®, are a testament to our dedication to the environment, and we are grateful to CCC for guiding us towards building a sustainable future.”

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