Inside World Wide Technology’s award-winning culture


“We have individuals all throughout the company that help us reinforce the culture [globally],” she said. “We have found ways to make sure that we continue to disseminate that culture as we continue to grow.

“We always tell people when they come in that they have to be ambassadors. HR can’t do it alone. It can start and stop in St. Louis, so we have to look to other employees and leaders to help us disseminate the culture as we continue to grow.

“And employees are so committed to the culture [when] they like what it means and what it brings to the company. When you have employees who believe in it, as much as it’s a challenge [to sustain it] as you get bigger, they don’t want to see the company lose the emphasis on culture.”

Leadership’s vital role

‘Disseminating’ or aligning culture across such a large, global organisation with over 5000 employees can get tricky, so what’s their secret?

“It comes back to the local leadership,” she said. “It comes back to them embracing the philosophies of our leadership initiatives, and really believing in it and creating programs.


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