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At Samsung’s Unpacked event this morning, the company touted how the Galaxy Note 9 is a YouTube Signature Device, tuned to deliver a good video watching experience. This initiative is part of the Google video site’s new Device Report to test phones and work with manufacturers on creating a “best-in-class YouTube experience.”

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The YouTube Device Report (via The Verge) currently lists 18 phones from Samsung, Sony, HTC, OnePlus, LG, Xiaomi, Nokia, and Google that deliver the best experiences and are classified as “Signature Devices.” Smartphones on this list must support the six following technologies:

  • HDR: With support for High Dynamic Range (HDR), you’ll see videos that are richer in detail, with true-to-life colors. HDR capabilities allow a phone to display greater contrast, so you can see details of a videos, whether that scene is shot in the dark, or bright light.
  • 360° video: Immerse yourself in a new world with 360° videos, which have been recorded in all directions. Look up, down, or all around; with 360° videos you’re in control of the viewing experience, through on-screen controls or through a VR headset.
  • 4K decoding: While some devices display 4K on their screens, 4K decoding ensures that you’ll see videos in high resolution and stunning clarity on VR, delivering riveting experiences.
  • High frame rate: Enjoy gaming, sports, and action videos without missing a beat. Support for high frame rate (anything greater than 60 frames per second) means you get super smooth video playback.
  • Next generation video codecs: Watch high resolution videos on YouTube while using up to 30% less bandwidth. 2019 Signature Devices are built with hardware VP9 profile 2 decoding, an advanced video codec technology.
  • Reliable DRM performance: From YouTube TV to rental movies, Signature Devices seamlessly stream premium content without disrupting your viewing experience.

Google notes “rigorous testing” conducted by its teams, while also working with manufacturers to help fix video playback performance and other capability issues. YouTube has a form for other companies interested in gaining the certification.

The current selection dates back to 2017’s flagships, including the Samsung Galaxy S8, Note 8, LG V30, Sony Xperia XZ1, Google Pixel 2, and Huawei Mate 10 Pro. From this year, the Galaxy S9, Note 9, G7 ThinkQ, Xiaomi Mi 8, Mi Mix 2, Nokia 8 Sirocco, and Xperia XZ2 Premium are a part of the list.

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